Living a pain-free golf life

As tomorrow is Independence Day, we’re going to shut it down for the rest of the weekend. 

So, you won’t hear from my smiling face until Monday. 

But, before the BBQ, cold suds, golf, and safe-ish fireworks… 

I met A LOT of patients at the beginning of my career in the physical therapy clinic, and here’s how the story goes way too often: 

Bill, a guy who only dabbled in exercise, but thought his body was bulletproof because he felt okay. 

One day, he felt a stabbing pain in his hip, then everything started to go downhill from there…

He had his right hip replaced.  

Within a year of having that surgery, he started having trouble with his left hip.  

Simple enough, replace that one, too.

All was well, until his right knee started to give way. 

I’ll stop there.  

You know where this story is going. 

But my point is this: People assume that because they don’t currently feel pain, that their bodies and joints will be fine…forever.

We know better.  

I am lucky enough to work with some great surgeons, but I fear their scalpel.

It’s a healthy fear that serves me well.  

It motivates me to get up each day and follow the Daily Motion (in the 18STRONG Membership) routine we teach.  

It forces me to stay off the surgeon’s radar, and to do the best I can to preserve my joints (where most serious injuries occur) for my entire life.

And it’s why I am so adamant about teaching what I have learned over the years to help golfers preserve their joints.  

I’m still in my mid 40s and my joints are doing well.  

Meanwhile, I know plenty of people, some of whom were teammates 25 years ago, that have already had joints replaced. 

You never wanna see your buddies in pain (except when you take them for a few bucks on the course:)

I want us all to avoid the surgeon for as long as humanly possible – preferably for the rest of our lives.  

We want to live pain-free lives.  

And that’s one of the reasons why we train the way we do.  

So, here’s to doing our best to live a pain-free life! 



PS – The Daily Motion routine I do every single day is already installed on your calendar in the 18STRONG Membership – we feel that strongly about it. 

If you only do ONE thing to help keep you playing this great game for a very long time, spend 5-7 minutes every day doing the Daily Motion.  

Now, whether you’re in the USA or not, enjoy the weekend!