255: Matt Ginella: Design the Ultimate Buddies Golf Trip

Today I am especially excited to have on our special guest, Matt Ginella.

This week we are talking all about creating and designing a buddy’s trip. When going on some sort of big or small group golf travel event, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts which is why I’ve brought on our good buddy Matt Ginella.

I just recently had my buddy’s trip in Kansas City and I was the captain so I learned first hand just how much goes into planning one of these trips. There’s nothing that beats the on the course camaraderie and antics (if you don’t already have a yearly buddy’s trip I highly suggest you and your friends plan one,) and I look forward to this weekend all year, so who better to bring on then Matt Ginella from The Golf Channel and Golf Advisor to give us the inside knowledge on planning golf trips by making it the most fun and most enjoyable.

Matt Ginella’s Background

  • His uncle got him a job at his local golf club when he was a kid
  • Ended up working on the superintendent crew at the course
  • Played golf in college
  • Worked at Sports Illustrated on an internship and eventually became the golf photo editor
  • Went to Columbia’s Journalism School
  • Went from SI to Golf Digest as the photo editor
  • Became the golf travel writer for Golf Digest
  • Was then invited down to talk with the Golf Channel to talk more about the lifestyle portion of the game

Highlights from this Episode

  • He gives us the background and inside scoop on the Uncle Tony Invitational and it’s past and current evolution with the change of time.
  • The rules he makes that can get someone booted or not called back next year, as well as having those hard talks with sometimes close friends when they don’t mesh with the group or play style of the trip.
  • His main tips on organizing a trip like this and the do’s and don’ts of both organizing the trip and being a great participant in the trip.
  • His top courses for both big and small groups and the pros and cons of hitting multiple courses and making sure to plan ahead to avoid travel disaster.
  • How his perspective of golf has changed over the years traveling over the world and playing at the best courses, with a variety of people and experiences.

Parting Questions for Matt Ginella:

What is your current handicap index? 

Walk or Ride? 

Drinks or no drinks on the course? 

Shirt tucked or untucked? 

If you had to pick one course at Bandon Dunes, what is your favorite? 
Bandon Trails

If you can only go to one, Ireland or Scotland? 
Scotland to visit the Home of Golf St. Andrews. (But once that box is checked, You should visit Ireland)

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