18SP 016: Mitch Sadowsky | Developing Power and Speed in the Golf Swing

Mitch Sadowsky is an expert on explosive power and how to transfer that power to the golf swing.  From his background of both playing and coaching very high level volleyball and working with some of the best golfers on the planet, Mitch knows a thing or two about training effectively at all levels.

In this episode, Mitch shares with us some of the tried and true fundamentals of his fitness programs and how you can take some of the things he is doing with his clients and implement them into your training and practice.

Mitch’s Background

  • Director of Golf Fitness at Lake Nona Country Club
  • Lead Camp Coach for Gold Medal Squared Volleyball
  • Played golf growing up
  • Played Volleyball at Ball State Universtiy
  • Played professional volleyball for several years
  • Coached college volleyball
  • Started working with Ian Poulter then eventually got the position at Lake Nona
  • Started Working with Graeme McDowell in 2013
  • Working with Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk (Long Drive Champion)

Highlights from this Episode

  • Mitch describes some of the differences in working with a long drive champion (Lisa “Longball”) and working with the tour players like GMac and Poulter
  • There is a lot of team work between all of the professionals working with the tour pro; physio, fitness pro, swing coach
  • How utilizing sprints can be very effective when working with the touring professional
  • Mitch spent some time with the guys at The Athlete Factory in Calgary working on speed and power training for athletes (not just golfers)
  • We discuss Olympic lifting for kids, the average golfer and the pros
  • Basic lifts can be very effective for golfers, this doesn’t have to mean heavy weights
  • Using these types of exercises help the body coordinate movement, power, and speed, all of which carry over to the golf swing
  • Your muscle firing pattern need to be coordinated properly in order to maintain consistency in your ball strikingMitch
  • Mitch gives his definition of “18STRONG”
  • What are the best strength coaches in the world doing

What’s Mitch Excited about these Days

  • Working on some power and stability projects with experts in other sports and athletes and how they tie into golf.

Last Piece of Advice

  • Make sure to take an off-season, put the clubs away
  • Get assessed
  • “Make a plan and work your plan”

Where to find Mitch

Twitter: @MitchSadowsky

Instagram: @MitchSadowsky

Facebook: Mitch Sadowsky

Links from this Episode

The Athlete Factory

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