My 3-Step Thanksgiving Eating Strategy

Thanksgiving is this Thursday (in ‘Merica it is), so how do we wake up Friday morning not feeling like a total piece of garbage? 

First off, no matter how large and awful one meal is, it isn’t going to make or break your fitness goals. 

But, I get the feeling a good portion of our Crew gets a little anxious about the upcoming smorgasbord of food and drinks. 

Especially if you’ve been on a great kick and don’t want to derail your momentum. 

Don’t panic! 

[This applies to guys’ weekends, golf trips, vacations, etc.] 

Here are three strategies to keep you “on track” 

  1. Eat Few Calories Leading Up To Thanksgiving 

Today and tomorrow, eat fewer calories than you normally would.   

Like I said, your fitness goals are not made or broken at one meal, or one day – it’s dependent on the longer trend over weeks and months. 

But think about this…every calorie NOT consumed today and tomorrow means MORE “free” calories you have to spend on Thanksgiving.   

Short yourself 500 calories today and tomorrow and you’ll have banked 1,000 calories, or three pieces of pumpkin pie. 

An easy way to do this: skip a meal today and tomorrow. 

  1. Stay/Get Active 

Make sure you work out, walk, ride the bike, exercise, etc. today, tomorrow, and hopefully in the morning on Thursday.   

That does two things: 

First, you’re less likely to put as much garbage in your body if you’ve worked hard. 

Second, exercising burns even  more calories so you are in a bigger caloric deficit when you strap on the old feedbag.   

An easy way we do this: our family has been doing a Turkey Trot for 50+ years the morning of Thanksgiving. It’s a 5-mile run/walk that gets your day kicked off on a positive, healthy note (don’t worry about the chili, cheesy potatoes and cold suds after the run:) 

  1. Enjoy It – Then Get Back To Work 

During one of our coaching groups a few years back, some of the guys came up with #nevermisstwice and we’ve been using it ever since.  

Meaning, you’re going to miss a workout for whatever reason – it’s gonna happen. But, you never miss two in a row. 

You may eat like garbage for a day, but never two days in a row. 

An easy way we do this: on Friday morning when you wake up a little fuzzy and bloated, reach for the healthy leftovers like turkey and veggies. Do your Daily Motion, get your body moving, and you’ll straighten yourself out. 

That’s it.  

And I cannot stress that Enjoy It! is the most important strategy on the list. Thanksgiving comes around once a year, so relax, live in the moment and be thankful for all the great people you have in your life. 

Monday, you’ll be right back at it like nothing happened. Kinda like that memory-erasing stick in Men in Black. 

Remember, we do the work, so we can play. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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