63: The “Regular” Guy’s Formula for a Great Off-Season

This week’s episode of The 18STRONG Podcast is a little different than the rest.  It’s just me, Jeff Pelizzaro.  It’s almost the off-season for most of you golfers.  So what are you going to do to make sure you come out better on the other side?

I’ve found that most of the golf fitness information out there is not necessarily targeted for the regular-above average golfer.  It’s mostly just a highlight reel of what the pro’s are doing, but it’s not necessarily broken down into a usable format for a regular guy (which is what 90% of the golf population is comprised of).  So, in this episode, I break down the off-season into 4 pieces (The 4 “R’s”) then tell you exactly what the bare bone essentials of that program would look like if you’re a busy guy with limited time to spare.

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Notes from this Episode

Below is the exact outline that I used to create this show so you don’t have to take notes.  If you would like to print these out, we’ve created a PDF for you to download.  This episode is specifically for you so you can create your greatest off-season yet.

Download the PDF HERE!

Outline of Today’s Episode on The Off-Season. . .

Most off-season programs are too complicated, too time-consuming and too unrealistic for the “regular” guy.
The Regular Guy has. . .
  • kids
  • long work hours
  • lack of sleep
  • running a business
  • taking kids to practices
  • travel
Most guys aren’t training 4-5 days a week
You need something more efficient, that can be done at home or gym, in minimal time and prevents injuries.  I cover all of that.
Ryan and I have been working behind the scenes on a New gift for you.  A complete in home warm up. Which you can get by clicking the image below.

In the warm-up, I walk you through a 15-20 minute routine in real time that you can do before heading to the course.  It includes:

  • foam rolling
  • dynamic stretches and some resistance band ex’s to get you primed to play
  • a PDF cheat sheet with all the ex’s and drills so you don’t have to watch every-time
  • Just print out and keep at home

 The Formula “the 4 R’s”:


  • Not inactivity, but more of a break from the clubs
  • Constantly thinking about golf, working out for golf, and reading golf magazines, STOP!
  • Take a few weeks out of the gym: hikes, swimming, yoga, . . .
  • Get some sleep!
  • Shawn Stevenson: Sleep Smarter, Episode 21


  • Heal, rejuvenate, correct, get back to normal after a long season
  • Time to get to work
  • a couple weeks of corrective exercises
  • See a doc if needed, PT, chiro, . . . get assessed
  • If not, focus on some general mobility/stability stuff
  • Biggest issues I see:
    • hip rotation,
    • trunk rotation
    • shoulder mobility/pain
    • hip flexor tightness
    • poor posture (desk jockeys)
    • imbalances left to right

Find a pro to assess or use Gray Cook’s golf combine in-home assessment (http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/combine-tests#1)


This is where most of the real work is done

  • Even out imbalances
  • regain what was lost over the season (the beers in the summer)
  • decide what the plan/goal is: lose weight, put on mass, increase speed, etc
  • Most simply need to get on a good strength program to:
    • correct imbalances,
    • fix injuries
    • improve general function
    • combat daily living/bad posture
    • This is where the real program comes in
    • Know your training level to decide where to start

General Rep ranges:

  • Low reps (power/strength) 3-6 reps
  • Mid Range (bulking up/increasing mass) 6-12 reps
  • High Range (fat loss endurance) 12-20 reps

Don’t be afraid of dabbling into easier weights than you’re used to. I’m always a fan of challenging yourself within reason.  First and foremost is perfect posture, good tempo, and don’t get hurt.


This probably applies more to the professional golfer, but can still be appropriate for you.

  • starting to get a little more “golf specific” (hate that term, but . . .)
  • Start using a little more of the speed and power activities
    • med ball throws
    • Plyometrics (jump squats, broad jumps, lateral hops)
    • Overspeed training
    • Practicing more, less time in the gym
    • Less volume, more power, heavier weights, less reps
    • Add in more rotational patterns
  • Starting to think more about the season
  • Developing an in season plan (maintenance of the strength, mass and power that we have created)


I’m realistic. I know you have kids, family, holidays, travel, dogs, crises, etc.  You don’t have the time, or need to train like a tour player.


Bare Bones of what you need:

A plan of attack

Write down 3-5 goals for this off season (something tangible). “if there was one thing that would make the biggest difference in my game of my health, it would be . . .

    • swing speed,
    • weight loss
    • weight gain
    • distance off the tee
    • physical limitation (touch toes)

Pick the one or 2 most important ones.  This gives you your main focus for the off season.



  • This is the MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!


Corrective exercise program (no more than 5-10 minutes)

  • everyday that you aren’t doing your strength program
  • dynamic stretches, foam rolling, rehab exercises


A solid strength program (30-45min max),

  • 3 days a week, total body workout
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Squat/lunge
    • deadlift
  •  Let’s not get too technical about sets and reps at this point  (most in the 3-4 sets of 8-12 range 1st part of off season and less reps closer to season)

Important add-ons, “Icing on the Cake” (after the main lifts)

  • Shoulders/Mid back
    • Wall angels, Iron crosses, Rotator cuff exercises
  • Hips/glutes
    • Band exercises, Closed chain hip exercises
  • Grip
    • hangs, Farmer Walks, pronation/supination, radial/ulnar deviations
  • Calves
    • Calf raises on steps, leg press, lunging calf raise
  • Sprints
    • Bike, running, row machine, Med ball, stairs, etc

Overspeed Training


  • Off season is a time to get everything back in order
    • summer cocktails
    • lots of golf
    • travelling
  • time to get refocused and make improvements rather than developing excuses for next year
  • Use it as a time to get ahead of your buddies and improve on your game
  • I have golfers in their 50’s and 60’s playing better and hitting further because they are doing these things

I know there was a lot covered and we can’t create an individualized program for everyone listening, but there are plenty of good takeaways in this episode. . .

  • a place to start
  • we have quite a few videos on our website to help out

Questions ask them on social media:


Reminder to go to Superspeedgolf.com use “18STRONG”  Let’s make this your best off season yet!

Thank you

Train Hard. Practice Smart. Play Better Golf


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