“Shark Tank” motivation

It’s a chilly, wet Tuesday afternoon here in St. Louis, but I’m warmed by the glow of our Crew.

Yesterday, I talked about how we’re all leaving the modern-day wussies in our dust, so I thought I’d start today’s email with some “Kumbaya” by the campfire to offset our “toxic” masculinity.

So, here goes:

Motivation is for chumps looking for another reason to sit on their thumbs!

Whether you want to get into shape. Play better golf. Or start a business…

If your process is solely based on motivation, you will fail. Guaranteed.

You see, the problem with relying on and focusing on motivation is that it has you sitting around waiting on motivation to take action.

I’ll get off the couch and go workout as soon as I feel XYZ.

I’ll get to the range when I feel XYZ.

I’ll put together my resume when I feel XYZ.

You may think that if you’re not motivated, then you shouldn’t act on your goals. Having a lack of motivation is completely normal. Therefore, we can’ t rely on it for long-term goals.

Sure, you can get motivated to start training for a marathon tomorrow after watching the Steve Prefontaine documentary. But the following day, you may want to lay on the couch all day for no good reason.

Every time you watch “Shark Tank”, do you want to quit your job and start your own business? Of course. Our entrepreneurial motivation is skyrocketing after that hour.

Instead, expect that you will NOT be motivated when working towards a goal.

It will better help you plan and prepare for those days when you’re not feeling it.

Focus On Building Habits!

Once you’ve built a habit, it takes the decision-making out of the process. Did you decide to brush your teeth this morning? Did you decide to put on deodorant? Did you decide to go to work?

No. Those are all habits that do not need motivation (well, maybe work:)

Habits make actions consistent. Even if it’s a small action, those add up like compounded interest over time.

And you’re NEVER waiting for motivation to strike.

Start slow. Start with patience. Start changing your life.

You’ve got this.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – START SLOW (in case you missed it above)

Turning your life upside down and working your a$$ off for the next two weeks only to burn yourself out for the next 6 months is a roller coaster ride as old as time. Don’t be a cautionary tale.

I highly recommend you join me and the Crew in the 18STRONG Membership. We’re in it for the long haul.