Stop setting goals

Happy Friday, my fellow lean, mean, breaking-all-the-rules, golf & fitness machine.

If you missed the news, it’s 2023.

It’s an exciting time!

Everywhere I turn around I see people:

Heading into the gym for the first time in a LONG timeEating cleaner than they’ve eaten in a LONG timeCommitted to themselves more than they have in a LONG timeBUT, if they’re not careful, they’re going to fall victim to the dreaded “Quitter’s Day” – the tipping point when most people’s New Year’s resolutions die (January 13th).

So, let’s nip that SOB in the bud right now.

This is probably going to take multiple emails, but let’s just jump in.

If you’ve ever set a goal like the one below, you’ve already lost:

“I won’t be _____ until I get to my goal of _____.”

Whether it be fitness, personal or business, whatever you put in the blanks likely revolves around not feeling successful, fulfilled, or happy until you achieve that goal.

A common example: I won’t be satisfied until I lose 20 pounds.

Losing 20 pounds may take you weeks, months or even years to complete.

So every time you step on the scale and haven’t hit your target, you’re going to feel down. It happens subconsciously, so you’re not even aware you’re making yourself unhappy.

Months and months can be grueling (IF you can hang on that long).

The answer?

Stop setting goals!

Kind of.

Instead of focusing on the destination, buy into the process.

In the case of weight loss, you simply need to be I a caloric deficit for the week. Did you do that?

Then, celebrate it!

And do it again. And celebrate it again.

Eventually, you’ll reach your goal.

It’ll keep you sane. It’ll keep you moving forward. It’ll make your goals manageable.

The other option is to live an unsatisfied life.

That’s how we does it!

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll check in again with you on Monday as we continue the discussion.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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