Suspension Training For Golfers

Originally created by the Navy SEALS, suspension training is a whole new dimension of bodyweight training that throws gasoline on the effectiveness fire.

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Suspension training has now become the bodyweight training master

For decades, bodyweight training exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and squats have been a staple in workout programs mainly for their versatility and freedom to do them pretty much anywhere.

That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is that we’ve introduced a “chip clip” simple device to take using your body’s weight to train into the stratosphere.

And golfers are paying attention.  Below are the three obvious reasons to get swept up in the strap-tastic movement.

Strengthens Your Core

Do we really need to discuss the benefits of a strong core?  Just like the gravity you’re working against in suspension training, it’s a fact that a stronger core makes you a better golfer.

What suspension training does is forces you, during all your exercises, to engage your core.  So no matter what you’re doing, you’re also strengthening your core.

Adapts To All Fitness Levels

Don’t let the “Made in the USA by Navy SEALS” label fool you – suspension training is for everyone.

Don’t think you’re strong enough to use the straps? Simply decrease your angles.

Think you’re too strong for the straps?  #1, if Navy SEALS use them, you can find a way.  #2, simply increase your angles.

You’d be hard-pressed to run out of effective movements you can use to either do complete workouts or boost your existing ones.

Take It Anywhere

This may be the biggest advantage of all.  You ever try to pack a squat rack or bench in your carry-on?  The airline people don’t like it.

Heck, you can keep it in your golf bag.  If you have a place to attach it, like a door, beam in the basement, railing or totem pole, you’re ready to rock.

BONUS: No other total body training system can compete on cost.

Obligatory Warning: If you’re not sure what you’re doing or use the straps as a swing for your 3 yr-old, there is always a chance of injuring yourself.

There’s no guarantee about any exercises, but watching the video above to see how to properly use the suspension training straps will dramatically decrease your chance of injury.