Are You Committed to the Process? Lance Gill | Titleist Performance Institute [#223]

Today I am especially excited to bring on our special guest, Lance Gill.

Why are you here? Most people can’t answer that question when they go to see a Golf and Fitness specialist like Lance, but it’s important to discover your underlying needs and tailor a regiment that works for you. Lance is on today to talk to us about committing to the learning process and understanding what you are really trying to do and how to get to that end result. So what is keeping you from your end goal or figuring out what your end result looks like?

Lance Gill’s Background

  • Lance Gill is the co-director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board where he establishes protocols for player development in the fields of functional movement restoration, physical screening, strength, and power screening and development and for player development globally.
  • He is the owner and operator of Lance Gill Performance, a private Golf Performance based company specializing in the betterment of golfers in the areas of; Fitness, Screening, Biomechanics, Instruction, Mental, Nutritional, Programming, and Life Coaching.
  • He has taught over 10,000 experts in the fields of; Golf Fitness, Golf Instruction, Medicine, Junior, and Biomechanical proficiencies, and serves as Lead Instructor for TPI Level 1 and Level 2 Fitness Seminars globally.
  • With the comprehensive approach via the TPI methodology, he has helped countless tour players reach and move towards their personal goals and at the same time gain worldwide recognition for the TPI, Titleist and Acushnet brands.

Highlights from this Episode

  • The idea of golfers committing to a learning process. When they are going through their fitness, golf, performance, or mental game, there is always that learning curve and Lance talks on how identifying that is a big process of his and why so many people have trouble with the learning curve.
  • What people tend to struggle with most when it comes to learning and what process he uses to help them boil it down to those one or two things. How he uses consistency to keep them on track to focusing in on what is most important to them and how he can help them achieve that.
  • Battling the “quick fix” mentality and understanding there is no shortcut, Lance dives into how he programs for his clients to map out a tailor-made plan specific to their needs and goals. Most times, the proper plan for you isn’t “sexy” like you see on social media, its just work.
  • The biggest differences and changes he has seen from the inside out in the world of Golf and trends he has noticed of where these changes are taking the game. He also dives into what is happening with LG Performance and his responsibilities with TPI.

Parting Question:

What would be your walk-up song to the Phoenix Open 16th hole?

Brantley Gilberts “Kick It In the Sticks.”

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