The “can’t do that” fallacy

Good morning from the road! We’re heading to Nashville for the next few days with 16 of our closest buddies on another epic golf trip.

So, while my buddy Brian points the vehicle east towards Music City, my cousin Ryan let out one of his ever-present movie/tv/song quotes…

“Give it up, prom date!”

No, it’s not what you think.

It was from a 20-yr-old episode of Malcolm in the Middle (Ryan’s useless knowledge has no bounds:).

Two of the kids at military school were doing bench presses. And to fire up the one benching, his spotter said, “Give it up, prom date!”

Super obscure, but cliché meatheads always remind me that the “secret” to fitness is NOT go, go, go…more, more, more…faster, faster, faster.

It occasionally has it’s place, but Nike commercials aren’t real.

If you can’t do a particular move, that doesn’t make you a wuss. And you don’t always need to man-up (yes, even ladies need to sometimes man-up).

As I was putting together the Hyper-Elastic Distance program, I included some moves that are difficult.

On Day 1, you’ll be required to do a deep split-squat. Now, I know that due to knee injuries or a current lack of mobility, some of our Crew won’t be able to get into that position.

Instead of “I can’t do that”, focus on going as deep as you can. If all you can do is bend your knees a little bit…do that.

So, I’m telling you this just in case you’ve got the impression of “can’t do that” means that you can’t do any program.

Keep testing yourself. Keep improving. Keep going deeper.

Alright, we’re about halfway to Two Rivers Golf Course in Nashville. And I need to get in vacation mode.

And here is the link to Hyper-Elastic Distance. You can get there by clicking the link you just read.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro