The Cold-Blooded Excuses Sniper

Happy Tuesday, my friend. Today, we’re back at it again. 

If you haven’t been paying attention to the start of the PGA Tour season the last few weeks, one of our Crew has been lighting it up and it’s a ton of fun to watch. 

Since earning his card about a month ago, our boy Hayden Buckley has finished T4 and T8 (only his 2nd and 3rd events on Tour…ever) the past two weeks.  If you haven’t had to chance, jump on the bandwagon because it makes following tournaments we wouldn’t normally pay attention to very addictive. 

So before I get started with my afternoon – here’s a thought for today…and it has to do with motivation. 

It was over the weekend, and I wish I could remember which comedian said it, but he said that “motivation is BS.” And I gotta tell ya, I think he’s right. 

In a very entertaining way, the point he was making is that we don’t have to get motivated to do things we WANT to do.   

Whether it’s your job, your fitness, your golf…whatever it is, it’s not hard if what we’re doing is enjoyable for us. 

Do you think you would have a hard time motivating yourself to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to Augusta to play 18-holes with Jack Nicklaus on a 75-degree afternoon with Paige Spiranac as your caddie? 

There is no excuse in the world that would stop you from that.  And that is why knowing what motivates you will destroy all excuses put in front of you. 

The self-help gurus don’t want to hear it, but I really think it’s that simple.  How many times have we heard, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

It’s simple. And it makes sense. How can that be wrong? 

Of course, I realize that we sometimes have to do things we don’t particularly enjoy to make a living or keep our families happy. I do. I also live in the real world. 

But if we can continuously replace those unenjoyable tasks with things we do enjoy, then just think how great our lives would be… 

Okay, I’ll stop being a hippie.  Now, let’s both of us get out there today and enjoy what we’re doing. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If lifting weights is what you enjoy and like to do to improve your game, then I highly recommend checking out the 18STRONG Membership App. There’s a program in there for beginners to gym rats who want to play their best golf. 

I think you’ll enjoy it if strength training is your jam.  Here’s the link:

You ever try a new driver, hit the p*** out of it, buy it, then realize it’s about the same as your previous driver? 

Start sinking putts with a new putter, then come back to reality your next round? 

Or try a new diet, and lose a bunch of weight the first few weeks only to put it back on a few months later? 

What I’ve found is that