[Video] What would I do?

I trust you enjoyed a great weekend as I did. And had a chance to unwind last night in front of extra large gentlemen on an extra large tv smashing into one another for ungodly sums of $$$.So over the weekend, I ran into a buddy’s buddy who owns a very large lighting company.I’ve known him since grade school, but he’s quite a bit older, so our interactions have never been too deep, “Hey, how’s it going? How’s the fam? How you hitting ‘em?”.But, I’m always curious about really successful people got there, so I asked him, “How did your dad start the business?”Turns out, his dad would go door-to-door selling light bulbs to the older crowd (you can’t make this up).
He would go to the hardware store, well before Home Depot was a thing, buy cases of bulbs, and hit the pavement here in St. Louis.He would mark up the bulbs 20% to make his profit, but here’s the kicker…he would install them for free.
We take it for granted that we can easily change a light bulb, but for the older or un-handy crowd, getting up on a ladder and often times removing a fixture was daunting.So, he built a list of regulars. Word got out. And he turned those small profits into a giant company that I believe has 600+ employees.Why bring this up?Because I get the same question he gets all of the time…If you had to start today from scratch, what would you do?Now, I’ve just given you the “secret” to starting a massive lighting business:)So, what would I do if I were just starting to get into shape…Check out this video to find out.
It’s what all of our Crew do when they decide it’s time to get into shape.And it’s waaay simpler than you may think.You’ve got this!Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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