Your trigger point

I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again…

Monday is a great day to start a new habit. And how about a Monday on only the second day of a month?

All the stars are aligned for us to start something new today.

Okay, I think we can agree that the word “trigger” has changed dramatically the past few years.

But, for us people who are not made of glass, it can still be a useful exercise to understand something important…

What is your fitness TRIGGER POINT?

Meaning, where do you have to get to say to yourself, “Enough is enough.”

Is it the scale?
Is it another belt notch?
Is it another tight round?

Today, let’s think about the most common 3 trigger events that lead you to get back into the fitness game:

  1. Bad experience – e.g. I’ve been watching golf fitness YouTube videos for the past 12 months and I’m not seeing any real results.
  2. Transition – e.g. My pants have gotten a little snug since the last time I wore them in the spring – it’s time to lose a few lbs.
  3. Recognition event – e.g. I need to get into shape – I need a training program.

Any of those sound familiar?

Here’s the thing…we can “trigger” ourselves to get off our a$$es and get moving just through awareness.

“Oh, I felt super tight during my round yesterday. I wonder why…oh yeah, my kids started back to school and I haven’t been moving as much.”

“I skipped my workouts this week because I was too busy. But the reality is I didn’t want to go because I have a negative body image right now and was embarrassed to walk into the gym.”

“I’ve been steadily losing distance all summer. WTF? Oh yeah, I haven’t been steadily working out all summer because of all of the trips, BBQs, and IPAs.”

Becoming aware of what is really (not a hunch) happening is how we positively trigger ourselves.

We go a level deeper into the root cause of why we’re struggling to build a new routine or make a change that sticks.

It can lead to some insights that allow us to break negative patterns and start doing things differently.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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