You’re NOT in control – now lean into it.

“After this week, things will slow down again.”

“After the holidays, I’ll get back into it.”

“After we get back from vacation, I’ll get to the gym.”

We all say some version of those.

Every. Single. One of us.

Every week, I get at least one text or phone call from a client: “Sorry, things are so busy this week, but next week things will get back to normal.”

Well, “back to normal” is a pipe dream.

Next week, something else will happen:

A kid will get sick.

Work will schedule something unexpected.

A car will crap out.

In fact, “normal” is not when your perfect schedule works out.

Normal is actually the chaos of our lives when our time slips away from us.

That’s what makes life so interesting.

Having a plan is great, but preparing for things to go sideways is equally important.

And once we accept that we are not 100% in control, then we can get to work on what to do about it.

Here’s how to get to work on leaning into the chaos while still making massive progress:

  1. A half-assed workout today is 10x better than a “perfect” workout next week when “things slow down.” As history has taught us, something else will happen next week.
  2. Walking 10 minutes this afternoon is better than “getting into it next week.”
  3. Adding some protein or removing one piece of junk on your plate today is better than the “perfect diet” you plan on starting next week.

I believe acceptance is the last stage of grief.

But, it’s also the first step towards progress.


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And strive for progress no matter how small it may seem.

See you on the inside: