267: Sticking to Deadlines, Weakness Doesn’t Equal Flexibility, How to do a Pull-Up, A Better Handicap System, & more . . .

This week I am once again joined by my buddy Tony Soaib for a Q&A episode where we talk about random topics ranging from . . .

the importance of deadlines, the golf handicap system (how Tony thinks it’s broken and the 3 options he would like to see implemented that he thinks would be more fair and competitive.

We also touch on the topic of bulking up and it’s relation to flexibility. Is it true that if you’re getting bigger and stronger that you must be getting you less flexible? And, on the contrary, the fact that being smaller and weaker does not mean that you are automatically more flexible.

Then we get into the question and answer part [“Shouts from the Crowd”] taking questions from the listeners. . . Starting with a follow-up question regarding Tony’s theory on training the lats for increasing swing speed from the last episode, strategies for working on pull-ups, early specialization for golf as compared to other sports, and our favorite post-round drinks.

Highlights from this Episode

  • The difference in productivity when working on a deadline, whether self-imposed or in a group/team setting, and how that pressure can help you to succeed.
  • Tony’s issue with the current golf handicap rules like handing out strokes to the lesser players, and his suggestions of changing up the system like having the better player only play with limited club choice or a free mulligan per hole. His emphasis being that instead of giving an edge to the lower player, just make it harder on the better player.
  • How weakness doesn’t mean you are more flexible and how muscle-bound athletes are not less flexible than their leaner counterparts.
  • Tony expands on his theory on training lats for swing speed and why that was the first muscle group he went to when talking about gaining speed, distance, and power.
  • Ways to doing your first or doing more pull-ups and looking at the different factors as to why you can’t do a pull-up in the first place.
  • Avoiding fatigue and increasing volume when trying to push your number of chin-ups.
  • Our thoughts on early specialization in golf, and how opponent independent repetitive motion sports (swimming, golf, diving, gymnastics, etc.) seem to be more effective than team sports without as much repetitive motion.

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