270: Go To Mobility Exercises, More Muscular Golfers, Top Golf Fitness Training Aid in 2020 and more . . .

Highlights from this Episode

  • We start out with a Superbowl wrap-up and highlights, from our favorite food and beer to Patrick Mahomes and speculating on his future, to one last PGA show comment we forgot to mention last week on the use of nets when trying out clubs and how it can skew what you think your performance will be.
  • “Enter the Kettlebell” on Amazon Prime: The amazing (albeit slightly dated in production value) resource to instituting and adjusting using kettlebells in your workout.
  • Tiger Wood’s intricate gift to the presidents’ team and our thoughts on what we would give as a gift to the team that has everything, the kid who was stealing booze at the Waste Management, and the upcoming Draft Kings tourney we are setting up for the Players Championship and the four Majors championships.
  • Mid-round interviews: what benefit do they offer and why are players like Brooks Koepka starting to stray away and decline them.

Shouts From the Crowd

  • “On the course, I like to eat nuts, jerky, and/or peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Good?” – Jason
  • “If I buy one golf training or fitness aid in 2020, what should it be?” – Aaron
  • “Do you think we will see more muscular golfers on tour in the future?” – Adam
  • “What would be your go-to mobility exercises for the shoulders, t-spine, and hips for golfers who have typical restrictions associated with sitting at a desk all day?” – Chris
  • Could we institute a cap bill fixing policy? People with flat bills can be “helped” by a friendly bending patron. Flat bills just are… strange

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Enter the Kettle Bell

Streaker at the Waste Management Phoenix Open 2018

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