18SP 029: Adam Young | The Practice Manual

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Adam Young shares his expertise in the world of golf instruction and gives us in inside look at his new book “The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers.”

Adam Young has taken his experience from years of teaching golfers of all levels and compiled the ultimate guide for golfers.  In his book “The Practice Manual,” Adam goes deeper into the concepts of motor learning and practicing to get the most out of your game. As he describes in this interview, you can have all the dedication in the world to get better, but if your execution of practice is flawed, progress likely will not be made.

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Adam’s Background

  • Golf Instructor who has worked with golfers of the highest and lowest levelsAdam Young
  • Leadbetter trained teaching professional
  • Originally form the UK, currently teaching golf in Spain
  • Author and blogger. His website is www.AdamYoungGolf.com
  • Taught at the Cranfield Academy

Highlights from this Episode

  • Technique vs Skill and how a golfer with poor technique may still have the skill to crush a ball 300+ yards
  • Adam explains why this is not a “what” to learn book, but a “how” to learn book
  • A golfer may be highly dedicated, but the execution of their learning may prevent them from reaching their goalsAdam Young
  • Utilizing goal setting to break down your big performance goals
  • How progressive resistance drills can work in your golf practice much like your fitness routine
  • What is Differential vs Variable practice and can intentionally hitting bad shots make you learn faster?
  • What the heck is the Uncontrolled Manifold Hypothesis of Movement? The fork in the mouth example.
  • Forward Modelling, like unknowingly adjusting your arms position as you fill a water glass
  • Procedural Knowledge (what you are doing) vs Declarative Knowledge (what you know about what you are doing)
  • Adam gives some fundamentals of the Ball Flight Laws
  • The misconception of “perfect practice makes perfect”

Craziest Golf Gadget You’ve Used

72 degree wedge


Recommended Book

Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie


Most Frustrating Golf Moment

Taking an 11 on the 1st hole of a tournament


Most Memorable Golf Moment

Shooting 7 under for 9 holes when playing with members


Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore


Last Piece of Advice

“Practice more like you play and play more like you practice”


Where to Find Adam


Facebook: Adam Young

Blog: www.AdamYoungGolf.com

Book: The Practice Manual

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