18SP 030: Don Saladino | Training the Golfer for Function & Power

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Don Saladino shares his expertise in the world of Strength/Conditioning/Golf Fitness.  He gives us an in inside look at his training methods, his facility (Drive 495) and what YOU should be doing to ramp up your function and power both in the gym and on the course.

Don works with golfers, other professional athletes, celebrities, Wall Street professionals, you name it.  No matter what the profession or sport, everyone needs to “perform” in one way or another.  Don is an expert in bringing out the best in each individuals performance and enlightens us with some very valuable information about “golf specific” workouts.

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Don Saladino’s Background

  • Don owns and operates Drive 495 in New  York.
  • Started Drive 495 with his brother 9 years ago
  • His younger brother was a golfer and he decided to help his brother gain some size, speed and distance.
  • Started out as a golf fitness facility and has just grown from there.
  • Don has worked with a number of celebrities in prep for movies.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Don shares the story of Drive 495’s inceptionDon Saladino
  • Don give a brief insight in his experience with celebrities and how he has been extremely impressed with their dedication to their fitness programs
  • We discuss the terms “Golf Specific” and “Golf-ish”
  • How can “golf specific” exercises make you SLOWER?
  • Sometimes you have to take some of the BAD things out of your daily routine before you can expect your fitness program to be productive
  • Don gives some tips for the busy work professional to get some fitness in during those long days
  • “Sitting is the ENEMY
  • How does the amateur golfer build power and speed in the gym?

What is it that you struggle with?

Overdoing it.

What is the most useless exercise you’ve seen “golfers” doing in the gym?

Anything that involves standing on a Swiss Ball or bosu ball (this leads into a secondary discussion about Crossfit)

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


What’s Coming in 2015?

Lots of great business opportunities coming

Last piece of Advice:

Take Risks!

Where to Find Don:

Facebook: Don Saladino

Twitter: @DonSaladino

Drive 495: driveclubs.com

Revolution Golf: www.RevolutionGolf


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