18SP 026: Lance Gill | Prepare Like a Professional

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Lance Gill shares his expertise in the world of golf performance and gives us in inside look at how you can prepare like a professional.

Lance Gill has worked with golfers and professionals of all levels, all over the world.  As one of the faces of the Titleist Performance Institute and the founder of Lance Gill Performance, he provides us with some guidance on ways to take your preparation from the little league to the PGA level. Lance is one of my favorite people in the golf and fitness world.  He was one of the 1st individuals to introduce me to this incredible profession.

Lance Gill’s Background

  • Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Board
  • President and CEO of Lance Gill Performance
  • Has worked with over 10,000 professionals in the golf fitness, teaching, and medical profession
  • CO-Star of the Glass and Gill Show (The Coach Glass Podcast)
  • Comes from a family of sports medicine professionals
  • Got his masters at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Was able to work under Greg Norman’s PT and Trainer Pete Draovich
  • Began working wit Greg Rose and eventually TPI

Highlights from this Episode

  • Lance tells us the story of his first meeting with Dr. Greg Rose and how he became a part of TPI
  • We discuss the change in mentality and philosophy of the golfers regarding fitness over the past 20 years
  • Lance tells us about his most recent business venture with Lance Gill Performance and what his roles were and still are with TPI.
  • Lance describes the golf experiences that he is able to provide to his clients at The Grand Golf Club
  • Lance gives us a “fitness” difference between the pros and amateurs that you probably haven’t heard before.
  • We go in depth on the way the pros practice and how you can implement these techniques into your own practice session.
  • We throw out a 20 ball challenge for your next practice session.
  • The positive, neutral, and negative mindset, and how to use these to self correct your swing.
  • How big is your Negative Library?
  • Taking control of you training and practice sessions.
  • Some of Lance’s greatest worldly experiences with Titleist

Lance Gill


Recommended Book

Born to Run

Last Piece of Advice

Work on better movement patterns and making it fun.

Where to Find Lance

Twitter: @LGP_Inc

Facebook: Lance Gill Performance

Lance Gill Performance

The Grand Golf Club

Other Links Mentioned

Titleist Performance Institute


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