18SP 027: Nick Chertock | An Accountant’s Quest For Golf Progress

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Nick Chertock, tax accountant extraordinaire shares his real world experiences and relationships in the golf world and gives us in inside look at the conversations that go on behind the scenes with the worlds best coaches, trainers, and teaching instructors.

Nick, like most of us, is a guy with a vision of a better golf game.  But instead of just reading books and watching videos, Nick has decided to take his journey quite a bit further than the average Joe by seeking out connections and answers from the biggest names in golf instruction.  In doing this he has opened up conversations amongst some of the best in the world and has become what I like to call, “the most well-connected man in the world of golf”

Nick Chertock’s Background

  • A Tax Accountant in Alameda, CANick Chertock
  • Nick’s Specs: White guy, late 30’s, married, 3 kids, right-handed, owns a dog, politically moderate, basically the most perfect fit for your STEREOTYPICAL Golfer
  • Got hooked on the world of fitness and golf at the age of 16
  • Read every golf and fitness book/magazine he could get his hands on
  • Was always looking to spark conversations and learn more about these topics
  • Decided to start pursuing the people that were the best in these areas to answer his questions
  • With the rise of social media, he saw a platform to start bigger conversations which has developed into several facebook groups and an Open Forum at the PGA Show

Highlights from this Episode

  • Nick discusses some of the things he has learned from the different groups that he has formed, including Golf Fitness Professionals, Biomechanists, and Golf Teaching Pros.
  • Talks about some of the different views that have sparked debate amongst these populations, including some of the concepts discussed by past guests on the 18STRONG podcast such as
  • Nick goes into detail about the Open Forum he co-hosted in Orlando with over 300 of the worlds best golf instructors. (His co-hosts were Chris Como and Mike Michaelides)
  • He explains the history of the Open Forum and how the 1st year was hosted in a bar and was, as he describes, a “total train wreck” in regards to the organization of it all.
  • And how this past year it was a HUGE success with big names involved like: Greg Rose, Dave Phillips, Liam Mucklow, Phil Cheetham, Mike Duffey, Chuck Cook, Andrew Rice, Tyler Ferrell, Lance Gill, Mike Voight, and many more.
  • Nick talks about his relationship with Chris Como (Tiger’s current coach) and what he knows about Tiger these days.
  • He also talks about Chris’s teaching style and his conversations he’s had with him about the golf swing.
  • Some of the biggest fitness misconceptions that Nick has experienced and seen through his relationships and his own journey.
  • Why “golf specific fitness” is a very abstract concept and probably needs a name change.
  • Nick describes his own personal “Golf Performance Pyramid

Most Gratifying Moment on The Course

A shot that he flushed with a 7 iron

Most Embarrassing Moment on the Course

Shanking 6 balls in a row on a corporate outing

Silliest Golf Gadget he’s ever Tried

doggie launcher
Doggie Driver Tennis Ball Launcher





 Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?


A Golf Book You’d Recommend

The Impact Zone by Bobby Clampett

A Guest You’d Like to See on the Show

Dave Phillips from TPI

Last Piece of Advice

Listen to people that might have different opinions than you and try to see them with an open point of view.

Where to Find Nick

Twitter: @golfprogress


Golf Progress Website: www.golfprogress.net

Other Links Mentioned:

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