122: How to Overcome Any Obstacle by Defining Your Personal Manifesto with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

I am super excited to bring this week’s guest back on the show.  Dr. Bhrett McCabe is one of the top sports psychologists in the game of golf and has become a great friend of 18STRONG.

With his incredible clinical training, personal journey as an elite pitcher and his experience working with professional athletes, Bhrett is a master at helping his clients overcome fears, doubts, and push themselves to levels they didn’t know they had.

His book The Mindside Manifesto is the long-awaited for compilation of concepts and lessons that Bhrett has developed over the years.  I aIn this interview, we get to talk about the inspiration and struggles behind writing the book and how developing your own personal Mindside Manifesto can elevate you to a completely new level.

Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s Background

  • Dr. McCabe holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Louisiana State University (LSU), with an emphasis in behavioral medicine.
  • He completed his 12-month, pre-doctoral internship at the prestigious Brown Clinical Psychology Training Consortium, affiliated with the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University in Providence, RI.
  • He has published several academic journal articles, presented numerous scientific presentations, and provided insight and authored numerous articles for trade magazines such as GOLF Magazine, Golf World, and ESPNW, among others.
  • Dr. McCabe was a 4-year letterman for the LSU baseball team, coached by legendary coach Skip Bertman, and was a member of 2 National Championship teams (1991 and 1993), 3 Southeastern Conference championship teams (1991-1993), and 3 College World Series teams (1991, 1993, and 1994).
  • He led the LSU baseball team in appearances as a pitcher in the 1994 and 1995 seasons, and fought through injury to earn a trusted role on the team from closing games and getting out of trouble regardless of the inning.
  • From the baseball diamond as a player, through training as a psychologist, to leading The MindSide, it is about competing for excellence.

Highlights From This Episode

  • bhrett mccabeIn this episode we discuss Dr. McCabe’s new book The Mindside Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitve Mindset.
  • He shares the story behind writing the book and some of the struggles that he, himself had to overcome in order to bring the project to life and overcome his own doubts to share it with the world.
  • Dr. McCabe explains the battle between our doubts and our beliefs and how we can work on what we tell ourselves, especially in the most high pressure situations.
  • We discuss the 2 circles of Capability vs. Capacity and how each of them play a role in our performance and how you need to be able to reach your full capacity at the most crucial times.
  • Dr. McCabe defines what a Manifesto is and why it’s so important to have one for yourself.
  • Manifesto: “A strongly held belief,” which he also describes as a “public declaration of how you view the world.”
  • He lays out the 5 things that successful people do on a daily basis:
    1. Administrative (tasks)
    2. Developmental (planning-looking ahead)
    3. Training Tasks
    4. Execute
    5. Review and Reflection

The Coolest Golf Experience Dr. McCabe has had since the last time he was on the show:

Watching his daughters’ confidence grow (one daughter in golf, the other in fitness).

Having a Tour player come up to him at an event and compliment him on the work he is doing and how he is doing it.

Who would you play 18 Holes of golf with?

A course designer (like a Pete Dye) to understand the nuances that they create and the layouts.

He would play where ever the designer would like to show him.

If You Could Only Have one Last Meal in New Orleans, What Would it Be?

A hot roast beef po’boy sandwich. (a 10-15 napkin kinda po’boy)

Last Piece of Advice

Transform your life into living

Where to Find Dr. Bhrett McCabe

website: TheMindside.com

Facebook: The MindSide 

Twitter: @TheMindSide or @DrBhrettMcCabe

Instagram: @themindside or @drbhrettmccabe


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