[What?Why?How?] Is Tempo Sabotaging Your Workouts?

Bad exercise tempo is costing golfers even more strokes than bad swing tempo.

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Tempo-sure warm & clear

It may not seem the tempo of your exercises is all that important, but golf is like other sports in that we want more explosiveness and control.

With the correct tempo in our exercises, we can mimic and increase both.

The sunny outlook is with just one simple shift, you can do just that.

The burden of intent is on the people

The most important part of any workout is the intent.

Sure, it’s fun to go to the gym to socialize and bust out a few reps between cases on Judge Judy, but you’re wasting a lot of your time and energy when you do that.

Here’s the reality:  the more tension you can create through a muscle and the more you’re utilizing that muscle, recruits even more fibers to activate.

Your tempo is the Ponzi-scheme architect for your muscle fibers.

As soon as your tempo starts selling your original muscle fibers, the rest want to get on board.

Before you know it, instead of strengthening 75% of a muscle, you’re starting to see explosive returns near 100%.

Unlike Bernie, you get to keep your returns.

Are your intentions honorable?

When it comes to tempo, there are FOUR phases:

  1. Starting phase – in golf-speak, this is when you “address” the weight, band, body weight, etc. and prepare to move it
  2. Concentric phase – in this phase, you are working against gravity and shortening your muscles like you would do during a biceps curl
  3. Midpoint phase – the transition from the concentric phase to the eccentric phase
  4. Eccentric phase – in the final phase, you lengthen your muscles as gravity drives the weight to the floor

There are exceptions based on the workout you are doing, but generally the concentric phase should take 1 sec. and the eccentric phase should last 3 sec.

You want to focus on controlling the weight on the way down vs. pumping out reps like a jackhammer.

Several reasons to say YES

For golfers are already spending time working out, saying YES to focused tempo is a win because you’re going to get better results from your existing program.

For golfers just getting started, your workouts are going to be focused right out of the gate and you’ll get quick wins much faster.

You hear that?  It’s the distant sound of Brooks Koepka keeping the rhythm as DJ busts out birdie-crushing bench presses.