18SP 043: Jeremy Crowe | Training for More Endurance on the Golf Course

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Jeremy Crowe shares his expertise in the world of Strength and Conditioning and gives us an in inside look at the most effective ways to go about training for more endurance on the course.

Jeremy works with athletes and golfers of all types and levels.  He also works at St. Judes’ Hospital in memphis as an exercise specialist, helping the children there recover.  His expertise in these areas has taught him the importance of using techniques and testing to improve his clients/patients movement quality and function, which in turn lead to better overall health, fitness, and performance on and off the golf course.

In todays episode, Jeremy and I specifically discuss some of the debate around the topic of increasing endurance and stamina on the golf course.  Is it better to do ore cardio, more strength and power work, or a combo?  Listen below to hear Jeremy’s take.

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Jeremy Crowe’s Background

  • Master’s in Exercise Science
  • CSCS, ACSM CES, TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Professional, TPI Level 2 Golf Biomechanist
  • Has worked with a variety of golfers from professional and amateur ranks
  • Has worked with many other athletes (ie wrestlers, rugby, baseball, basketball, etc)
  • Jeremy works at St. Jude Hospital as well as working with athletes on an individual basis.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Jeremy CroweThe topic of this show was sparked by a debate going on between a group of Golf Fitness Professionals regarding the best practices to help our golfers increase their overall stamina on the course.
  • Jeremy defines some of the common terms that individuals can get hung up on when talking about training, such as Energy Systems, Power, Endurance, Aerobic training, etc
  • Jeremy explains why, after the initial screening process, he looks at an individuals power first to determine where he needs to go with their training.
  • Jeremy discusses why he does not think low to moderate intensity aerobic training (ie long walks, treadmill sessions, medium paced biking, etc.) is very effective for improving a golfers endurance.
  • “Golf is a POWER sport first”
  • We also discuss the idea of “training age” or training levels and how to adjust for individuals that have both lower and higher levels of training experience

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


What are you excited about in your near future?

Jeremy is taking a very introspective approach to his training this year.  Focusing on what his strengths and weaknesses are and how he can make the things he and his clients are good at, the things that they are GREAT at.

Where to Find Jeremy

Twitter: @JeremyCrowe1

Facebook: Jeremy Crow

Oofos Recovery Sandals: www.oofos.com

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