18SP 028: Justin Tupper | The Revolution of Golf (Online)

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Justin Tupper of Revolution Golf shares his expertise in the world of online golf improvement and gives us in inside look at how the internet is changing the way we learn the game of golf.

Justin Tupper is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revolution Golf, one of, if not THE largest online resource for golfers with content covering golf instruction, club fitting, fitness, mental game and more!  Justin’s passion for golf and his background in media and video were the backbone of his vision of Revolution Golf.  Starting with a simple golf blog in 2008, his vision is now a reality with over 2 million members.

Justin’s Background

  • Passionate golfer from the age of 10 years old
  • Grew up in Buffort South Carolina
  • Went to the University of South Carolina
  • Current Handicap of (-2)
  • Media and film major in college
  • Started a simple golf blog in 2008 and wanted to bring golf instruction to people that couldn’t afford or have access to traditional teaching
  • Started learning more about internet marketing and met his current business partner Dean Strickler
  • Started selling golf information in 2009
  • Moved to NYC to create a “golf media’ company
  • Currently has 2 million subscribers and has grown from a 2 person company to 60 employees

Highlights from this Episode

  • Justin explains the statement  “Better golf is achieved through simple improvements across all aspects of the game”
  • Just a few of the people that Justin has a been able to spend time with since beginning the website: Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Dr. Gio Valiante, Martin Chuck, etc.
  • Justin and I discuss how to control and prevent “Information Overload
  • What content is most popular on Revolution Golf? Take a guess.
  • The push of fitness in the golf world
  • Justin discusses conversations he had with Mark Broadie about his book “Every Shot Counts”
  • Justin explains how he works out when working with Don Saladino
  • We discuss the importance of figuring out your imbalances and how the golf game and life can screw up your body, which needs to be addressed
  • Speed.  How He went from swinging 105-107 to 115-120
  • Justin talks about his experience with some physical limitations how some manual therapy and fitness love made a huge difference

Favorite Golf Gadget

The Orange Whip (if you purchase, be sure to use the code “18STRONG” to save $10)

*FYI this is an affiliate link, so by you saving a little $, we might make a little $. Thank You!*

Most Embarrassing/Frustrating Moment on the Course

He broke a window off the first tee in a junior tournament after his Dad drove 6 hours to watch him

Most Memorable Experience on the Course

A dream round at Session Golf Club in Buffort S.C. Shot a 65 and just couldn’t miss

Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?


Favorite Book for Golfers

Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

Justin goes into detail on a couple of the lessons learned in this book.

What’s coming with Revolution Golf?

New instructors, mobile apps, much more content!


Where to Find Justin and Revolution Golf

Revolution Golf Website

Facebook: Revolution Golf

Twitter: @RevolutionGolf


Other links Mentioned

Drive495 website

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