Pressing Exercises For Golfers

Just like a tee box, fairway and green on a par 5 are necessary, there are fundamental pieces that each golf workout needs to have, and one of those pieces is some sort of a pressing exercise.

Without it would be like a donut without a hole…that would be a Danish:)

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In general, your muscle groups are classified as either a press or pull group (which are pretty self-explanatory).

Doing a flat bench press to strengthen your pectoral (chest) muscles is a perfect example of a press group in action.

On the other hand, biceps curls are pulled toward the body, and thus a pull exercise.

Why do golfers care?

There are a number of benefits to the pressing exercises you’ll see in the video, but the #1 reason we include the movements in every program is that it’s going to help you hold your body into a shot much more easily.

Whether you’re hitting out of deep rough or in the middle of a fairway, you’re going to have the strength to control your body and stick with the shot from backswing to follow-through.

Here are the four exercises with a few variations Jeff from 18STRONG is going to show us:

  1. Dumbbell press (hammer & pronated grip/rotating & alternating)
  2. Incline dumbbell press (hammer & pronated grip/rotating & alternating)
  3. Single-arm press (hammer & pronated grip/rotating & alternating/half off bench)
  4. Single-arm cable press

Note: While using the bench is extremely beneficial, the cable machine throw gas on the fire because it more closely resembles golf movements.

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