Rotate. Don’t Shift.

As great as Lloyd Christmas looked putting out the vibe at the bar, his backswing mechanics were way off.

Dustin Johnson and Cameron Champ have squashed traditional backswing mechanics, but in the video below we’ll show you what they’re doing and how you can do the same thing to increase your power.

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For years, the experts have been telling us that we need to separate our upper body and lower body in our backswings, then these dang giant hitters came along and proved us all wrong.

But there is hope.

The big boys aren’t totally changing the way we load up, but they are adding more internal hip rotation to their backswings.

So, in the video we’re going to help you not only utilize your hips more than you have in the past to generate more power from the ground up, but we’re also going to keep you from committing the two main backswing sins we see:

  1. Shifting or swaying away from the ball
  2. Standing up

We’ll also show you one tip (not magic trick) you can use to measure to see how much improvement you need.