Rounded Shoulder In Your Golf Posture Parts 1 & 2


Is Poor Posture Ruining Your Swing?


Maybe? Probably? Definitely?

It’s okay, because we’ve got the cure for this…

Professional golfers are constantly correcting and practicing their posture and set-up because they understand that is what allows their club to stay on its proper path.

Without it, you’re going to be spraying balls, slicing, hooking and whatever other bad thing goes wrong when you don’t have proper posture.

In this video, Part I of the series, Jeff is going to show you three very specific shoulder movements you can do to help improve your posture, power, consistency and accuracy.

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Part II

In Part 1, we focused on the importance of controlling your shoulder blades and not rounding your back with a few shoulder drills we did while sitting.

In Part 2, we’re going to throw gasoline on the fire and add four specific drills you’re going to do while in your golf posture…

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