18SP 036: Dr. Ryan Caserta | How Your Visual Perception Effects Your Golf Game

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Dr. Ryan Caserta shares his expertise in the world of Sports Psychology and Visual Perception and gives us an in inside look at how it effects your golf game.

Dr. Caserta is an expert in the field of cognition and visual training.  He has worked with professional golfers from every major tour.  His approach to deliberate training of the visual system reduces common errors that our frequently eyes make on the course.

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Dr. Ryan Caserta’s Background

  • An internationally recognized expert i the field of cognition and visual perception
  • Over a decade of experience working with professional golfers on nearly every tour including recent PGA Tour winner Matt Every
  • Former professional athlete
  • Did his research in visual perception and cognition, which was published in several well respected peer reviewed journals
  • Resides in Orlando, Florida
  • Is a member of the team at Grand Cypress Academy of Golf

Highlights from this Episode

  • Dr. Caserta describes the 5 Domains of Expertise:
    • Physical Skills
    • Technical Skills
    • Tactical Skills
    • Emotional Control
    • Perception
  • Vision is the only one of our 5 senses that can touch every part of the brain, not just one area
  • The myth of Superior Vision in the super athlete
  • He discusses some of the effects that your eyes can have on your game, especially the short game (see videos below)
  • There are 3 “non-trainable” physical traits that are simply genetic, the rest you can effect in some way with training
    • Height
    • Visual Acuity (how well you can see)
    • Muscle Fiber Types
  • Dr. Caserta gives us some drills to help our chipping and putting, especially regarding distance control
  • He explains 3 things that Experts do that separate them from Novices
  • 3 ball putting drill:
    • find a flat surface, hit all 3 balls at a “normal swing” and see what the average distance is, roughly.
    • take the 3 balls
      • 1st putt with a “normal swing”
      • 2nd try to hit a spot 2-4 feet past the 1st
      • 3rd try to get the ball to stop right in the middle of the other two.
    • Repeat this a couple of times
  • He gives the 5 keys to making your practice more deliberate:
    • You have to make an Effort
    • Target a specific ability
    • Use a feedback loop (like a coach, video, etc)
    • Make a point to learn from your experience
    • The “X” Factor: Be motivated to learn (ie. “Grit”)

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What are you excited about in 2015?

Seeing his players continue to grow and have success.

He has some new technology coming out soon that will allow the golfer to experience what he teaches without having to go see him in person.

Where to Find Dr. Caserta:

Twitter: @SportExpertise


Grand Cypress Academy of Golf

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