[What? Why? How?] Two minutes for elbowing

Golfer’s injuries may not be as flashy as hockey’s broken bones, blown knees and head trauma, but things like golfer’s elbow are enough to keep you off the course.

Not to be confused with tennis elbow

Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are two completely different afflictions, so it makes sense that they would each have their own preventions and treatments.

Golfer’s elbow is the pain you feel on the INSIDE of your elbow where all of those tendons connect, whereas tennis elbow is on the outside of your elbow.

Typically, a lack of muscle strength is the cause, but the area of weakness is probably not what you think.

Wrists and shoulders, really?

Common wisdom is that poor mechanics are the cause of golfer’s elbow, which is kind of true.

The real deal is that poor mechanics are contributing symptoms of a much larger problem – weak wrists and shoulders.

But there is hope.  You’re going to learn not only how to correct golfer’s elbow, but more importantly, help prevent it.

In the video, I’ll not only show you how to take the stress off your elbow by avoiding certain movements, but we’re going to look at three exercises you can do to strengthen your wrists and shoulders.

No flexion in the gym mirror

Flexion of the wrist is a fancy term for bending your hand toward your forearm.

When you lift weights, do pull-ups and improperly swing it can create wrist flexion which puts a ton of stress where all of those muscles attach to your elbow.

To help you avoid golfer’s elbow, it’s important that you keep your wrist in a neutral position where you’ll avoid all of that stress.

You may be a tremendous slouch

When it comes to your shoulders, slouching or rounding is the enemy of posture and the ally of joint pain, neck pain and of course, golfer’s elbow.

Your shoulder, elbow and wrist are all links in the chain that can all cause stress on one or all of the components.

Proper shoulder blade stability will help prevent and fix golfer’s elbow. Two of my favorite exercises are the Powell raise and the Trap 3 raise.