[What? Why? How?] Tickets to the gun show

Are curls good for golfers…well, sort of.

Curls for the girls

Since the caveman days, men all over the planet have been sculpting their guns to show their dominance in a crowded mating space. And thankfully, glamour muscles have kept the world populated for 200,000+ years.

Golf on the other hand, has only been around for about 700 years and begs the question of whether we’re just flexing or if curls are helping us play better.

Meet me halfway

The inherent problem with curls is that they isolate just one muscle. Now, if you are a professional arm wrestler, that could be extremely helpful.

Compared to arm wrestling, the golf swing is a chaotic, full-body heave with different parts trying to work with other parts while trying to not think about your overdue proposal at work.

However, curls done the right way, will give you more definition AND get you through the next Ryder Cup in France.

Enter the Philadelphia strongman

George Zottman had no interest in golf, but was a workout machine and created the Zottman Curl.

Instead of isolating the biceps during the exercise, he skyrocketed the efficiency by doing his brand of curl that works your biceps, triceps, grip, forearm and posture.

The reason Furyk’s boys didn’t sprain wrists and separate shoulders hitting out of the French rough all day is because they were strong enough to get through the junk.

The strongest man in America in the 1890s paved the way for golfers everywhere. Who knew?

Over the top

So what’s next?

You may not be hitting out of award-winning rough, but strengthening your arms, wrists, grip and forearms will give you more control over your club, which means more consistency, accuracy and…gulp, distance!

Plus, it never hurts your confidence to show off your guns at the club arm wrestling championship.