265: New Years Resolutions, Training Regrets, Fat Loss Programs vs Strength Programs, and more . . .

This week I am once again joined by my buddy Tony Soaib where we have a bit more of a laid back style chat taking some questions from the audience and social media and hopefully giving some answers.

It is the new year so today we talk about resolutions: our thoughts on the idea around resolutions and what are our goals are for the next year. We also talk about realistic and unrealistic expectations: What does that mean when you’re talking about fitness and diet programs because we believe here that words have meanings, so when someone says something is “unrealistic” is that a factual statement or is that something that they don’t want to do.

We hit on everything from what media like Netflix shows and books we’re reading to building habits and why I have really started to dig into the process of learning and building habits.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Our goals for 2020 and both how Tony got into arm-wrestling and his training and fitness regiment for keeping healthy and fighting the soreness and fatigue from 3 hours of straight arms training.
  • His pet peeve of using “unrealistic” when talking about realistic and unrealistic expectations, diets, and fitness programs and the damage in not choosing your words.
  • A lot of what we do and what the athlete that is reaching the higher levels of performance do boil down to habits. Tony talks about what habits he thinks are imperative to setting yourself up for success like scheduling and planning and preparing ¾ of your meals ahead of time.
  • We also dive into the three levels of building your habits or looking at what you’re changing: the outcome, the process, the identity of who you see yourself to be.
  • The difference between a fat loss program and a strength program and whether or not Tony would consider a HIIT program for fat loss most effective.
  • What our ideal clients look like from an athletic and mindset background and why we enjoy working with them.
  • How to make a food tracking program bearable and how acknowledging how crappy it can be is the first step to raising awareness.
  • One or two things that we regret or would change about our training or fitness path over the years.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode


Atomic Habits (James Clear)

The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg)

Texas Rangers 1821-1900 (Mike Cox)

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