171: Damon Goddard | Don’t Underestimate Simple Training

I am especially excited to announce the return of one of our 18Strong Alumni and very special guest, Damon Goddard.

Damon is considered one of the leading experts in golf performance conditioning and currently works with a host of PGA, LPGA, collegiate, and elite junior golfers. With over 18 years of experience in the sports performance and fitness industry, Damon specializes in golf performance conditioning and has gained notoriety through speaking at seminars and his writings for sports publications.

Damon’s knowledge of the body and his experiences as an athlete and educator give him a unique and effective approach to sports performance training. Damon joins us today to catch us up on all of the cool new developments at Amped Golf Performance and where he sees the future of Golf fitness heading.

Damon’s Background

  • Damon attended Lee University where he played soccer and earned All-American and All-Conference player honors three times. Damon earned his bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Additionally, Damon is a Level-3 Certified Golf Performance Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute.
  • Damon currently serves as an Advisory Board member for the Southern Methodist University Applied Physiology and Sport Management Department as well as the Golf Academy of America- DFW. He is a frequent guest on PGA Tour Radio’s “Golf Talk America” and a guest on the Golf Channel.
  • His Approach: Every golfer when coming in should ask: “How can I recover better after my route?.”

Highlights from this Episode

  • Damon kicks it off talking about their growth with their new facility closer to the Downtown-Dallas area with double the training space and their new full-swing simulator coming in soon. He is excited to expand Amped nationally from South Carolina to Los Angeles.
  • He lets us in on some of the rising talent coming out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area going into the 2018 year like Kelly Kraft, Candie Kung, and Austin Connelly. He also dives into what he works on with his players in the off-season and progressive overloads.
  • We talk about extremes and pitfalls in training programs and certain golf fitness professionals. (e.g. “Go big or go home” trainers that focus primarily on numbers for weights.) He also dives into different training tools, technology, and techniques he has utilized and developed.
  • We get his take on where he see’s golf fitness developing and growing in the future and moving away from the ideology of this “sterile fitness training” and more towards performance athleticism. He also talks about as people age, what to focus on and where to hone in on to get the best results.


What would be your walk up song?

Van Halen’s “Eruption” or Metallica’s “Fuel”

What are you excited for in the upcoming year?

2018 holds a lot of potential for us and applying our work from years past to spread our influence more effectively.

Where to find Damon Goddard and AMPD?

website: AMPD Golf

Instagram: @ampdgolfperformance

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