162: Possibly the shortest and most efficient workout ever! (an overview of Interval Training)

Interval Training has become very popular over the last decade or so in the fitness community, and research is showing incredible results when it comes to the efficiency of this type of exercise.  But even with new research and more popularity, I still find that most people think of exercise as a long, drawn-out workout that they just “can’t” squeeze into their busy schedule.

Well, what if you only had to work out for one minute and it was just as effective as a 50-minute workout?

I’ve been intrigued by interval training for a while now and recently read Dr. Martin Gibala’s book The One-Minute Workout.  The research results that this book presents are nothing short of incredible in favor of using the interval method for increasing fitness levels.  So I thought this would be a perfect topic to cover in this week’s episode.

Interval Training 101

In this show we discuss:

  • The basics of Interval training and the difference between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and SIT (Sprint Interval Training)
  • The benefits of interval training
  • Simplify some of the physiology that occurs with this type of training
  • Address a few concerns and misconceptions
  • Lay out several protocols from the book The One-Minute Workout
  • Share my experiences with HIIT/SIT and biggest takeaways from the book
  • Why should a golfer care about any of this

Interval Training/exercise: Bursts of intense exercise separated by periods of recovery (either complete rest or a less intense activity)

Traditional (Moderate) Training/exercise: doing an exercise over a certain distance or time at a relatively constant pace (ie. jogging, swimming, biking, etc)

Improved Cardiorespiratory Fitness can result in:

  • Better/more efficient pumping of the blood by the heart
  • Takes you longer to get out of breath
  • Increases your ability to perform an activity longer (bike, run, swim, etc)
  • Also reduces the chance of developing ailments like cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • For golfers, increases stamina and longevity of playing the game

2 ways of powering movement:

Anaerobic: short bursts of power, quick movements, explosive, only last a couple seconds (eg. sprint, Olympic lifts, the golf swing, etc)

Aerobic: Less intense movements for longer duration of time (jogging, swimming, biking, hiking, etc)

Mitochondria: The powerhouse of the cell.  These are the cellular bodies that use oxygen to burn fuel. (The mitochondria, the more efficient the body/muscle is at using oxygen)

Interval Protocols

*The following interval protocols are from The One-Minute Workout book. Each includes a 3-minute warm-up and 2-minute cooldown.

Basic Training (pg. 140)

Peak Intensity: 7

Duration: 3o min

3 min warm-up

Interval: 3 min WORK: 3 min REST

Repeat a total of 5 times

2 min cooldown

The Fat Burner (pg. 149)

Peak Intensity: 6

3 min warm up

Duration: 25 min

Interval: 8 sec WORK: 12 sec REST

Repeat as many times as possible to a maximum of 60 times (or 20 min)

2 min cooldown

Ten by One

Peak Intensity: 9 (start at an intensity level of 5 and work up)

Duration: 25 min

3 min warm-up

Interval: 1 min WORK: 1 min REST

Repeat a total of 10 times

2 min cooldown

The ONE-MINUTE Workout

Peak Intensity: 10+

Duration: 10 min (with just 1 minute of hard exercise)

3 min warm-up

Interval: 20 sec WORK (*at maximal intensity*): 2 min REST

Repeat a total of 3 times

2 min cooldown


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The One Minute Workout Book

Interval Training

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