18SP 047: Jim Ferris | More Than Just Golf Fitness

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Jim Ferris shares his expertise in the world of fitness, strength training, nutrition and even micro brew beers!

Jim is a strength coach for some of the highest level athletes in the world.  His expertise in this world makes him a trusted resource for many fitness professionals as well as the clients he works with.  Jim also has a great presence online via social media often sharing some gems of wisdom and entertaining insights into fitness, food, beer, life and much more.

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Jim Ferris’ Background

  • Philadelphia based trainer
  • Works with professional athletes, local teams, colleges, everyday fitness enthusiasts and a few celebrities
  • His athletes include members of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLL, and many NCAA athletes both team and individual.
  • Jim’s philosophy is that every person, athlete or everyday fitness enthusiast has potential that can be unlocked with excellent work in the gym.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Jim and I discuss the problem of information overload in the fitness and health industry.
  • He gives some tips on what an individual can do to make sure they are getting great information and not just jumping on the band wagon of the most recent fitness trend
  • An example of one of the debate we have seen over the years is the use of the speed ladder, which Jim helps us break down and highlights some of the benefits and some of the not so useful applications
  • With diet and nutrition being such a big part of fitness and performance, Jim and I talk about his personal diet.
  • With his wedding coming up in a couple months, Jim’s personal training program and diet are in full swing, or as we like to say “getting shredded mode.”
    • He has started using Inside Tracker, which is a blood testing system to take the guesswork out of your nutrition.
    • He has also been utilizing Pat Davidson’s “DRAGO” workout to kill it in the gym
  • We discuss some of his tactics when working to achieve body composition (building lean muscle and shredding fat), which is something that we all strive for 
  • Jim and I (and maybe surprisingly, many well known fitness and strength coaches) have a strange Jim Ferrisaffinity for tasty beers.  So we delve into some of Jim’s favorites just because we can.
    • Dogfish
    • Sten Brewery
    • West Coast IPA
    • Victory Brewing’s Dirtwolf and Golden Monkey

One of MY Favorite Jim Ferris Quotes

When working with clients’ positioning on Deadlifts, the position of the head is imperative.  Jim stresses to keep the “gaze” ahead . . .

On Deadlifts: “Don’t let the neck change your view. Let the HIPS change your view” @Gym_Ferris

CaddyShack or Happy Gillmore?


What are you excited about in your near future?

Jim had the chance to work with the Flying Leopards, a professional basketball team from China and will be heading over there in the future for the 1st time

Where to Find Jim Ferris

Website: GymFerris.com

Facebook: Jim Ferris

Other Links Mentioned

Inside Tracker

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