Little-Known, Homemade Energy Bar Created for Golfers Makes it Super Simple to Stay Energized for 4-5 Hours...
What Others Are Saying About Juti Bars...
I like that Juti Bars are an unprocessed, truly wholesome energy bar. Most bars out there are loaded with processed, sugary junk.
Andrew Wilder, Health Blogger
Juti Bars are one of the cleanest, most nutritious foods in America and they should be added to your meal plan.
Tricia Brouk, Certified Fitness & Nutrition Professional and Broadway Choreographer/Producer
I have clients asking me all of the time what bars would be OK for them to eat. Most bars don't meet my requirements, but Juti Bars are a match.
Jennifer Katz, Nutritionist
After exercise, at work, or for meal replacement, I used to grab one of the “other” energy bars. Too much sugar. Too sweet. Too hyped up.
Christian Kenyeres, Martial Artist
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