18SP 050: Nick Buchan | The Facts vs. The Myths on the Path to STRONGER GOLF

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Nick Buchan shares his expertise in the world of strength training for golfers. and gives us an in inside look at his training methods, how to design the proper schedule for workouts and debunks some of the common myths surrounding the golf and strength training world.

Nick Buchan has utilized his experience as a former power lifter and his passion for the game of golf to create a career that allows him to combine the two.  His training philosophies emphasize the need for a golfer to develop significant structural strength and balance, as well as general athletic power.  The combination of these will allow the average golfer to rise above the rest.

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Nick Buchan’s Background

  • Strength coach based in the UK
  • Golf Coach
  • Nick grew up playing golf and has a passion for helping golfers get stronger and play better golf by delivering cutting edge training advice
  • AGMS graduate

Highlights from this Episode

  • Nick and I discuss the topic of “Periodization”
  • What factors go into how to train and when based on your goals, schedule, amount of time you have to dedicate to your training.
  • Nick explains how his clients programs and training sessions differ based on what they have going on in their playing schedule,work schedule, time of year, etc.
  • We get into a discussion of some of the more popular golf and fitness myths, which Nick wrote an article on a while back (you can find that article here)
  • The MYTHS that we touch on are:
    • Golfers shouldn’t lift because it will make them tight
    • Golfers shouldn’t bench press because it’s not sport specific
    • Olympic Lifts are the only way to get explosive power
    • Lifting weights at higher reps is better for golfers

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore (Apparently, Nick informed me, Caddyshack is not very popular over in the UK and if you are not a golfer, you probably haven’t even heard of the movie Caddyshack!!  That’s crazy.)

What are you excited about in your near future?

Nick is getting ready to launch a new online training system with a few other strength coaches.  It is not ready just yet, but he will let me know when it is available.

Where to Find Nick Buchan


Golf WRX: Nick’s Author Page

Twitter: @stronger_golf

Facebook: Stronger Golf

Google +: Stronger Golf

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