Simple Dumbbell & Bench Workout When Life Disrupts Your Normal Routine

If you’re like most golfers, you occasionally find yourself unable to do your normal workout – you may be traveling, short on time or just can’t get to the gym.

It can be frustrating to break-up your routine and slow down your momentum when you’re making positive strides.

But there is HOPE to keep you moving forward.

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When we are cooking up a workout specific to golfers and getting your body prepared to do what you’re asking it to do on the course, we use FIVE main ingredients:

1. Pushes
2. Pulls
3. Lunges
4. Hinges
5. Core/rotation

When you’re in a pinch and can’t do your normal workout, it’s important to hit all these areas in some way to maintain your “golf body.”

Here is the simple protocol you can use:

Superset A
1-Arm Dumbbell Press – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets
Bridge On The Bench – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets

Superset B
Dumbbell Row – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets
Alternating Lunge – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets

Superset C
1-Arm Lateral Raise – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets
Half-Kneel Rotation – 6-8 Reps – 3-4 Sets