277: When The Scale #’s aren’t Dropping, Favorite Rotational Exercises, Best Metabolic Routines & more . . .

This week Tony and I continue the live via Facebook route for the podcast talking on the current affairs in the realm of sports and COVID-19’s role in effecting their seasons, updates on Tony’s 100 push up challenge, and what our diets have looked like as we have been stuck inside. We also answered questions on easiest methods to seeing weight cut, our favorite rotational exercises, and the best metabolic/cardio exercise for those of who can’t run sprints like they used to.

Highlights from this Episode

  • How golf and other sports are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and their plans for their seasons.
  • Updates on my take of Tony’s 100 push up challenge, and what the Soib Metrics would look like between Tony, Adam Long, and Myself playing a round of golf.
  • The different recipes and diets we have been discussing in the RFG group and how Tony got me hooked on canned salmon as a staple. We also talk about how giving up alcohol for lent amidst this quarantine has been amazing (dietary speaking that is.)

Shouts from the Crowd

  • “What am I supposed to do if the numbers aren’t dropping on the scale?”
     – Tim
  •   “What is your favorite rotational exercise for a golfer and why?” – Mike
  • “In regards to sprinting, should a guy in his 50’s actually be running sprints or is he better off using a bike, rower, etc.?” – Bill


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