320: Ed MyLett [Revisited]: How to Build Confidence and Max Out Your Game

Ed Mylett

We like to say that the 18Strong show is more than a golf and fitness podcast, and you’re going to feel that exactly in this episode with Ed Mylett. Today, we are revisiting what I consider to be one of the most powerful interviews that we have ever done over the 300+ episodes of the 18STRONG Podcast.

For this week and possibly the next few weeks, I’m going to share a few of my personal favorite episodes. The ones that I tend to recommend over and over when I meet someone new.

Whether you’re a new listener or have been with us for a long time, these are episodes that I personally go back to on a regular basis because there is simply so much gold in them. And this one in particular has probably had the biggest impact on me out of all of the interviews I have done.

Ed Mylett is one of the top performance, personal development, and business coaches in the world right now and this episode is simply a master class on building your self-confidence in everything that you do. From the golf course to the gym, to the rest of your life; Ed breaks it all down to one very simple concept that has literally changed how I view any new goal or challenge. People literally pay thousands of dollars to be able to get this much time with Ed and you get to hear him speak and coach for free here on the 18STRONG Podcast. Enjoy!

Ed Mylett’s Background

  • Ed Mylett grew up in Diamond Bar, CA. as the only boy in the family with three younger sisters. His father was his first example of what it takes to succeed in life.
  • Ed decided from a very young age that since he would have to work in life, he might as well work for himself and call his own shots. He realized right away that he was not going to spend his life working for someone else and building his or her dreams.
  • His wife Kristianna, who had been his sweetheart since they were teenagers, shared that same vision of life. Her father was an engineer who worked hard so her mother could stay home with her six children.
  • Mylett graduated from high school in Diamond Bar, California and attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. As a university student, Mylett balanced his studies in Communications with playing baseball for the NCAA Division 1 Pacific Tigers. He graduated from Pacific as a three-time All-American and the NCAA leader in stolen bases.
  • After graduating from college, he worked as a youth counselor for underprivileged boys.
  • In 2016, Mylett founded ED MYLETT SHOW, a Management Consulting Showbiz company located in Laguna Beach, California.
  • Mylett has been a business leader, peak performance expert, and a well-known keynote speaker in the business world. He coaches and mentors people in the business field. He has shared the stage and has very close personal relationships with other business legends such as Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Phil Knight and many others.
  • In 2018, published the book #MAX OUT Your Life, A book on strategies for becoming an elite performer.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • His background growing up, his business venture, how he started speaking to crowds, and his introduction to personal development at a young age that sparked his career.
  • They dynamic between him and his golfer son when they are out on the course: father to son, couch to athlete, and the major lesson he learned on the greens that revolutionized how he coached his son.
  • The idea of putting together little commitments, and utilizing fitness to both build your confidence and carry you to your goals. How being honest with yourself and setting physical goals that you can attain daily, weekly, monthly can transform your confidence and thus success.
  • The difference between sports and athletics coming easy to them, and working harder than the rest and loving the work you put in to hone your game in the long term.
  • Being a figure in the limelight, what he struggles with, and the two steps he takes to overcomes his obstacles (like moving his body in some way and gets incredibly grateful,) and the mind-blowing link between all of the guests on his show.

Parting Questions:

What is the biggest difference maker for your average Joe to get them to their goal that they are achieving?

My faith is the separator. I involve my faith into everything I do from business to sport. Also, learn to program your mind and access your reticular-activating system to visualize your goals.  

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

What would your walk-up song to the first teebox be?

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

18 Holes anywhere in the world with anyone, past or present: Where would it be and whom would you play?

Twosome: Jesus at Pebble Beach

Foursome: Son Max, My dad, and Ronald Reagan at Pebble Beach

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