18SP 032: Brad Skupaka | Golf Lessons from a Long Drive Competitor

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Brad Skupaka shares his expertise in as a Long Drive Competitor and Golf Instructor.  Brad gives us an in inside look at the world of Long Drive and what it takes to make it to the World Finals.

Brad Skupaka is not your typical golf instructor.  As his colleagues would say, he is a “beast” that can hit a ball a mile!  His unique combination of being both a golf instructor and a long drive competitor gives him the tools to not only destroy a ball, but also use that experience in his teaching to make his students better players all around.

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Brad Skupaka’s Background

  • Director of Instruction at GolfTec in Philadelphia
  • Graduated from Coastal Carolina
  • Over 8000 lessons taught.
  • TPI Level 3 Golf Instructor
  • Stack and Tilt Network Instructor
  • Started in 2008 with the Long Drive Competitions
  • Has qualified for World Long Drive Championship 3 times

Highlights from this Episode

  • Brad lays out the format of the World Long Drive Competition from local Qualifiers to the Live televised Finals
  • He talks about his experiences making it to the Finals (128 Man Double Elimination)
  • What are the differences mentally and physically when standing on the tee box for the long drive compared to a regular round of golf?
  • Brad discusses the slight differences in his technique, stance, and swing when in competition vs his regular tee ball.
  • We discuss the current addiction to speed in the world of golf and whether it is a good or bad thing for the average golfer.
  • Brad goes through the specs of his equipment for his long drive competitions, which all have to conform to USGA Standards.
  •  Swing speeds typically in the mid 130’s
  • Longest drive in competition: 432 yards
  • Brad discusses his fitness program working with Michael Manavian and Ali Gilbert
  • “You have to get Stronger to get Faster” Brad Skupaka

  • Brads current routine includes big lifts, some anti rotation exercises, a circuit training day, and some overspeed training with the Super Speed Golf clubs.
  • We discuss the age old myth of “Getting too Big for Golf” and why we like the “Meathead Lifts

Most Frustrating Moment on the Course

A bittersweet memory of hitting his longest drive in competition (432 yards) and still losing the round to his opponent who squeaked out a 434 yard drive.

Most Gratifying Moment in Competition

Making it through the “Last Chance” qualifier where he had to compete with 30-40 guys for 1 or 2 spots

Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

What’s Has you Excited for 2015?

Ready to get after it in the gym with Ali and Michael

Where to Find Brad:

Facebook: Brad Skupaka

GolfTec website 

Last Piece of Advice:

Go out and get fit for your driver.  Typically the driver off the shelf is not going to be the right size for you.

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