116: Redefining Performance through Movement with Brian Bradley

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Brian Bradley. Brian has been working with Pete Egoscue, developing the Egoscue Method for 25+ years. Posture and pain are his mission, and he finds bringing this work to the world very rewarding. To see someone go from disability and depression due to chronic pain, and transform into the person they were meant to be is, in Brian’s view, awesome.

Recently I spent some time with Brian at the World Golf Fitness Summit 2016 in New Orleans, LA.  It was there that I had the chance to experience first hand some of the work that Brian does with clients and patients.  His methods for teaching people to overcome their pain and maximize their performance are, to say the least, unconventional.  One look at the piece of equipment that he had us working on would’ve made you think we were getting ready to embark on an obstacle course more than get in a “workout.”

But it is exactly Brian’s “out-of-the-box” approach that allows him to be so creative and effective in his methods whether working with athletes, armed forces, celebrities, or patients in pain. In this episode we discuss some of our experiences from the World Golf Fitness Summit and some of the amzing impact Brian has had on so many people, including the likes of Tony Robbins, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and many more.

If you would like more on Brian’s Background or would simply like to hear the his earlier episode on posture and breathing, you can find that here . . . Episode 18.

Brian Bradley’s Background

  • Brian has been with Egoscue for 25 years.
  • Met Pete Egoscue when he was working with Jack Nicklaus.
  • Jack was backing the expansion of Egoscue from their California location and branching into Florida.
  • Brian has worked with Nicklaus, Player, Palmer, Trevino, Tony Robbins, and many other high profile figures, as well as thousands of other individuals looking to either improve performance or simply take control of their pain.
  • He is now the Vice President of Egoscue University and speaks all over the world on the topics of pain, posture and performance.  He is has worked very closely over the years with TPI and many other governing bodies to share his experience and expertise.
  • Plus, the guy is just a riot to hang out with 😉


  • Brian Bradley
    Brain Bradley, Jeff, & Jordan Jeske on the Patch at WGFS 2016

Highlights from this Episode

  • We talk about the background of the Egoscue philosophy, and ‘the patch’. We go into what it is, and why it works so well.
  • How to view failure in a different light, so that athletes don’t feel like they are lagging behind.
  • The importance of simplifying movement and posture changes, to make them sustainable and repeatable. The over complication of exercises is often what makes people stop doing them.
  • The story of how Brian met Tony Robbins, and how that relationship has led to speaking in front of nearly 11,000 people at Tony Robbins’ events all over the world.
  • How Brian’s unique methods and “The Patch” are beneficial for the golfer and can really be performed almost anywhere without traditional equipment.
  • How Brian takes the Egoscue method to large speaking events, and uses the simplicity framework to make people remember everything. 95% of what is said is forgotten within 48 hours.

Some parting words of wisdom from Brian Bradley:

Think of one thing every day that you are going to do differently than yesterday. Make time for yourself, and ignore people who bring negativity into your life.

Where to find Brian Bradley:

Website: http://www.egoscue.com/brian-bradley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebrian.bradley

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themovementnerd50/

To continue the conversation and ask any questions you may have, head over the 18STRONG Facebook page.


See “The Patch” in action below.  This video is courtesy of our friend Jason Glass (The Coach Glass Podcast) from his visit with Brian Bradley at the patch facility at Torrey Pines High School.


SuperSpeed Golf “Intro” Protocol

Also, as mentioned in this episode, here is the video from my visit with Mike Napoleon from SuperSpeed Golf.  In this video, Mike walks me through the “Intro” protocol for their revolutionary overspeed training system. If you want to more info on the SuperSpeed Training system go to http://18strong.com/superspeed/