179: Rene Cammarata | Junior Golfers or Junior Athletes?

rene cammarata

Do junior golfers need to be more athletic?  Rene Cammarata, one of the premier coaches working with Junior golfers in Pennsylvania, believes they absolutely do. With more than twenty years of experience as a strength & conditioning coach,... More

178: James Sieckmann | Master the Modern Short Game

James Sieckmann

Today I am especially excited to bring on our very special guest, James Sieckmann. James Sieckmann has been deemed the “Master of the Modern Short Game.”  He is held in the highest regard among his peers, and... More

177: Kolby Tullier | Are You Functionally Strong?

kolby tullier

Kolby Tullier’s talent helps him identify the problem by simply watching a little bit of video. Whether he’s evaluating the way a golfer balances during a swing, or the way a football player cuts left while running... More

10 Exercises for New Golfers


10 Exercises for New Golfers In this episode, I wanted to break things down very simply for those of you that might be new to the game of golf or simply newer to the idea of getting... More

174: Kirk Adams | Winterize Your Golf Body

Kirk Adams

Kirk Adams has more than 15 years of experience working with collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes in more than 30 men’s and women’s sports.  He works with a number of professional golfers on the Web.com and eGolf Tours... More

173: Tyler Ferrell | Finding Your Stock Tour Swing

Tyler Ferrell

Tyler Ferrell, named one of Golf Digest Top Golf Fitness Professionals 2018, Best Instructors in Texas 2018, and Best Young Teachers 2017, is a leading expert in the application of 3D motion biomechanics. His background as both... More

172: What Are You Committed To?

Today, I am taking a beat to reflect on the past year of 18Strong; both where we have been and where we are going come 2018. We had a lot of amazing guests on from PGA Professionals... More

170: Jeff Flagg | Building Your Armor this Off-Season

Jeff Flagg

2014 Long Drive World Champion, Jeff Flagg (Sports Performance Specialist) is a strength coach and athlete that has competed at the highest level in multiple sports and has an ongoing passion to help others achieve their highest... More

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