326: Emma Green: No more Golfer’s Elbow!

Our special guest, Emma Green (known as the “Tennis Elbow Queen”) joins us to explain exactly what the tennis elbow and golfers elbow are (they’re very much the same diagnosis just different spots of the elbow,) and walk us through some of the DO’s and DONT’s of preventing and treating golfer’s elbow.

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322: James Sieckmann [Revisited]: The Modern Short Game Solution

James Sieckmann not only teaches at Shadow Ridge Golf Club in Omaha, Nebraska, but he is also recognized as one of the top Golf instructors in the world working with PGA tour players, Web.com players, LPGA players and many more. He was named the 2018 Teacher of the Year through the PGA and has authored two books, Your Short-game Solution and Your Putting Solution.

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