297: Mark Loomis: Behind the Scenes of Producing Major Golf

This week we are excited to have on Mark Loomis, the Executive Producer at FOX Sports. This interview was done a few weeks before the big announcement of FOX not covering the US Open . . .


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295: Mac Todd & Leo Rooney: Urban Golf Performance

This week we have Mackenzie “Mac” Todd and Leo Rooney from Urban Golf Performance (UGP). I’ve been watching UGP over the last 4-6 years just because of the cool vibe they have at their facilities seeing what they are doing with a lot of their golfers from all age ranges and skill levels and I just really loved what I was seeing.

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293: Kyle Shay and Mike Napoleon [Superspeed Golf]

What could you do in your game, your own practice, your own training that could give you another 10-15 yards and how would that impact your game? These are some of the things Mike and Kyle talk about as well as some of the other products and ideas that they have coming out.

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288: John Ashworth: The LINKSOUL Journey

John Ashworth, founder of LINKSOUL discusses the company’s past and direction, the apparel itself, and we feature why we have partnered up with this great company as our preferred brand on and off the course.

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