95: Overcoming Stress & Injury to maximize performance with Mike Subach

In today’s episode, Mike Subach joins us to share his experience in the world of performance.  Mike specifically sheds some light on how much stress can impact our ability to heal, rest, move, and especially perform!

Aside from working with many individuals and athletes on their performance and correcting their limitations, Mike also recently went through an injury/surgery of his own which gave him first hand experience on the challenges of regaining proper movement, control and strength.

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94: You’re a Golfer, but are you an Athlete? with Kaitlyn Sharpless

Kaitlyn Sharpless is quickly becoming one of the “IT” female trainers in the world of golf.  It seems like she is everywhere!  And that includes right here on 18STRONG.  Not only is she our featured guest for this episode, but she is also one of our featured coaches here, and has provided a ton of great videos and content, which can be seen by going here.

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93: How to have a great vacation without sabotaging your Health

Summer time is here, which often means golf trips, family vacations and time spent at the pool, lake, etc.  This can also mean slipping a little on the workouts, diet and training regimen.

Just this past week, I took a trip with my family to Table Rock Lake, where we had an incredible time.  I played some golf, we fished, we boated, swam and took in lots of scenery.  And I have to say, it took some will power to not just say “forget it” when it came to the diet, workouts, and booze.  And in all honesty, in some ways I would say I succeeded, and in some, not so much 😉

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92: The DRIVE behind successful Golf Fitness Business and Life with Don Saladino

Don Saladino joins us again in this episode to share some of his experiences and lessons learned in the golf fitness business and also around the topics of creating routines, habits, and structure that allow for more success, happiness, and balance.

Running one of the most successful golf fitness businesses is no easy task and there are a lot of components required above and beyond just the training part.  Don has some exciting news to share for any up and coming golf fitness professionals and also shares some of his secrets to living a more productive and fulfilled lifestyle while building a successful company and family life.

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91: Create better moving athletes with Austin Einhorn

Austin Einhorn from Apiros Performance joins us in this episode to share his experience working with high level athletes but utilizing some very unique and in many ways transformative methods to enhance their movement, body awareness, and overall athletic potential.

Austin came from a background of traditional strength training education, but soon realized that there were some missing pieces when he started learning some other more rehabilitative and therapeutic techniques.  It was then that he discovered some of the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and some other techniques that really opened his eyes to a whole new way of working with athletes.  He has since been honing his craft and is now working with some of the top athletic programs and professional athletes in many different sports.

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90: A Purpose Driven Practice with Trillium Rose

Trillium Rose, Head of Instruction at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD and motor learning specialist joins us in this episode to share her experience in the world of golf, and especially in helping golfers improve through the use of practicing better and smarter.

As a golf instructor, Trillium soon realized that most golf instructors taught the “WHAT” to do, but the real issue is not the “WHAT,” but the “HOW.”  And after years of working with students, she decided to challenge herself by going back to school, The Teachers College at Columbia University, to dig into the reasoning and true science behind how we learn.

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89: How to balance training and rehab Dr. Kyler Brown

Dr. Kyler Brown from Austin Sports Therapy joins is an expert in working with athletes and other individuals to overcome injuries, or other issues that may be impairing their performance, whether than be on the course, on the field, or simply in everyday life.

Kyler’s background as a former collegiate athlete and his training as a chiropractor have helped him develop a very integrated approach to healing and treatment.  Rather than simply look at a diagnosis of one particular body part, Kyler explains why it’s so important to treat the individual as a whole instead of separate pieces.

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88: Creating your Bogey Proof Lifestyle

What does every golfer on the planet want?  To prevent bogies!!  Yes, of course we all want to birdie every hole, but let’s face it, most golfers are not single digit players and if they could play better than “Bogey Golf” they would be ecstatic. There is a lot that plays into making your game better.  Putting, chipping, working on the range, fitness training, mental game training, and much, much more.  Recently we released the book The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout, which became an instant best seller on Amazon for golf books. In this book I describe some of the most important factors that you should take into account when starting a golf fitness program.  But, as with any book, there can always be more info added and it can spark many new conversations. One of those conversations that I have recently been having with quite a few people is about some of the other variables that can make a huge impact on not only your golf game, but your lifestyle in general.  Which has led to a whole new focus of 18STRONG which is not just helping golfers create better golf workouts, but an overall lifestyle that will support a their game, their goals, and ultimately their quality of life. In this episode, I give you a glimpse into the main topics of the book as well as some of those key “Bogey Proof Lifestyle” elements! Creating Your Bogey Proof Lifestyle 1.) Have a Plan of Attack Create goals that give you direction in your training, practice, diet, etc. Consistency: Consistency is more important than intensity in the long run Progress: If you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t grow or get better Accountability: Either you have to get good at being accountable or find someone that will be 2.) Create a Balanced Program Refer back to Episode #65 “How to Choose the Right Exercises for your Program” To many of us do the things we like to do in the gym vs what we really should be doing.  It’s important to pick a selection of exercises that will balance out your weaknesses and not make the gap

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87: Your Sleep Smarter Game Plan with Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is the man when it comes to sleep.  Literally, Shawn wrote the book on sleep.  I have to say that in recent months, I have been hearing more about the importance of recovery and sleep in some mainstream conversations, which is awesome.  But this guy has been talking about this for years.  Not not just talking, but studying, digging into research, and presenting it in a way that millions of people are loving!

With his revised best selling book Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success, and his #1 Health and Fitness podcast, The Model Health Show, Shawn is bringing an awareness of the importance of sleep to the masses.  And in today’s episode, he expands on why you, as a golfer should take notice.

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86: A whole new approach to club fitting Hoyt McGarity of True Spec Golf

Hoyt McGarity is one of the founders of True Spec Golf, a “brand agnostic” club fitting company that is changing the way golfers can find the perfect clubs for their swing.  In most club fitting situations, a golfer is limited when looking for a custom fit due to only having a single brand to choose from or a somewhat limited selection due limitations in what brands of shafts and clubheads work together.

Hoyt and True Sec Golf have not only solved that solution, they now own that solution, which is a universal adapter known as Club Conex.  They have seen incredible growth in the company in just the last year, going from one location to having plans for 14 in total.  And that doesn’t include their mobile solution.

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