126: How to Achieve Anything with a Lot of Hustle with Anthony Trucks

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Anthony “Truck Stop” Trucks. Anthony is a former NFL player, gym owner, father, and motivational speaker. He grew up facing adversity at every turn, being in foster care, suffering abuse, losing his adoptive mother to MS, failing in school, and the list goes on.

Anthony decided that he wasn’t going to be hindered by his upbringing, and took things into his own hands through grit and hard work. He has since played in the NFL, owned a successful gym, become a father of three, and is an international speaker on motivation.

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125: Successes, Struggles, and Lessons Learned on Tour with Scott Stallings

Today we have an extra special treat for you. Our guest today is none other than Scott Stallings, three-time PGA tour winner.

Scott first started playing golf when he was young, and at the age of 12 he gave up all other sports to focus on golf. He was inspired by Tiger Woods to ultimately take up the sport professionally.

After missing his PGA Tour card by a single stroke at Q-School in 2009, Scott persisted through Q-School in 2010 and earned his PGA card by finishing T-11.  He eventually went on to win the Greenbrier Classic – his first PGA Tour victory. Since then he has won two more PGA events, The True South Classic 2012, and the Farmers Insurance Open in 2014.

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124: Perform Under Pressure Like a Navy Seal Sniper with Eric Davis

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Eric Davis.  Eric Davis served our country as a US Navy SEAL and decorated veteran of the War on Global Terror. He’s been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the US military and served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL Sniper school. In fact, Eric trained both Marcus Luttrel and Chris Kyle, who you might know from the books and movies Lone Survivor and American Sniper.

Eric is an expert in technical and physical surveillance and was part of an elite group hand-selected to perform intelligence collection in some of the scariest places in the world.

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123: How You Can Transform Your Golf Body with Olly Foster

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Olly Foster.

Olly is the developer of the Action Reaction Training (ART) program. After seeing so many ungoverned training and nutritional plans that simply offered no support or guidance, he decided he had to take things into his own hands.

Olly’s fitness journey began at the age of fourteen, after coming last in a school cross country race. Disappointed with his performance, he signed up to the local gym where his love of fitness began.

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122: How to Overcome Any Obstacle by Defining Your Personal Manifesto with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

I am super excited to bring this week’s guest back on the show.  Dr. Bhrett McCabe is one of the top sports psychologists in the game of golf and has become a great friend of 18STRONG.

With his incredible clinical training, personal journey as an elite pitcher and his experience working with professional athletes, Bhrett is a master at helping his clients overcome fears, doubts, and push themselves to levels they didn’t know they had.

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121: Jason Glass Hijacks the Podcast. The Reverse Interview!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Today we have a different kind of guest on the show – me.

Jason Glass (from episode 2), comes onto the 18STRONG podcast to steal the show and ask me a few questions about what we’re doing with the community here. We get into a range of topics, including why we started the show, who it’s aimed at, what’s in store for 2017 and much more!

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120: Helping Ryan Moore return stronger than ever! with Brian Chandler

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Brian Chandler. Brian is a trainer at one of the most recognized golf fitness clinics in the US, Anthem Fitness. Anthem Fitness utilizes methods that help clients develop better velocity and control, which aim to ramp up your overall performance.

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119: How to Win even when you Lose! with Sam Weinman

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Sam Weinman. Sam is the digital editor for golf digest, and is the author of the new book WIN AT LOSING: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead To Our Greatest Gains. Sam’s insights into the mental and emotional side of how we deal with losses shows us that in many cases, winning isn’t everything.  In fact, it might be argued that we may learn and grow more from our losses and struggles than we do from our wins.  In his book he interviews some very influential figures in sport, Hollywood, politics, and more all of whom have at one time or another, lost on the biggest stage. From all of these experiences and conversations, Sam shares with us some of the lessons he has learned and how we can use these to make us even stronger on the golf course. Sam Weinman’s Background Sam is the digital editor for Golf Digest. Prior to that he covered golf and the NHL for The Journal Newsin Westchester, N.Y., and wrote for publications that included Golf Digest, USA Today, Golf World, Yahoo Sports, ESPN the Magazine, and Sports Illustrated. He gravitated towards golf journalism in college, after originally being interested in fiction writing. Sam was very into hockey as a kid, and didn’t take up golf until college. Sam has been honored with multiple first place award in the Associated Press Sports Editors and golf Writers Association of America writing contests. Highlights from this Episode What made Sam decide to write about losing, rather than winning. In a roundabout way, the book ties in to success by talking about how to respond to failure, which is a big part of winning. We get into a number of examples of real people in sport or otherwise, who have failed and bounced back to become successful. In golf, Greg Norman is a key example of someone who has handled losing extremely well. We talk about Sam’s conversations with Greg, and what was going through his head at the time. Tiger Woods, and how he went from being the greatest golfer in the world, to falling off the pedestal, and how these

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118: Are you playing with a Fighter’s Mindset? with Charlie Brenneman aka “The Spaniard”

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Charlie Brenneman, aka “The Spaniard.” If you’re a mixed martial arts or UFC fan, you may recognize Charlie from his time in the octagon, but these days you’re more likely to find Charlie at a book signing of his best-selling book Driven: My Unlikely Story from Classroom to Cage or speaking to/coaching athletes and business professionals. And while it seems a little strange to have a UFC fighter on a golf podcast (especially a fighter that doesn’t really golf!), Charlie’s story and his message resonates across all athletic endeavors, especially the mental side of golf. In 2007, Charlie left the comfort of his hometown and full-time job as a Spanish teacher to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. What started out as a dream soon turned into reality. After upsetting #6 ranked Rick Story in 2011, his life changed as he skyrocketed into the world rankings and went head-to-head with the best fighters in the world, such as UFC Champion Johnny Hendricks and current top-ranked light heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. The key ingredient in his climb to the top is hard work. While illustrating specific principles and examples that helped propel him to the top of the fighting world, Charlie provides a very real, authentic look at what it takes to succeed in life. With over two decades of winning and losing on center stage, his mission is to share his insight and perspective with practical and relatable examples to help assist you in your journey. Subscribe to the 18STRONG Podcast on iTunes and stitcher by clicking the button below: Charlie Brenneman’s Background Charlie has fought at every level of the industry, including an 11-fight UFC career. He has transitioned his experiences as a professional fighter into professional speaking and mentoring. Charlie has been knocked out cold on live television, and has lived out his own “Rocky” story in front of a million people. Highlights from this Episode We talk about the parallels and differences of being on the tee box vs getting in the ring, staring down the guy across the mat who is looking to tear your head off Charlie shares the mental processes he goes

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117: Playing Better Golf by Hitting from the Opposite Side with Padraig Dooley

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Padraig Dooley. Padraig is the owner of Drive Golf Performance, based out of Ireland. He is a former Irish international amateur golfer who went on to play in several professional tours, and is now passing on his experience to golfers as a PGA professional.

His work is focused on the mission of getting golfers to play better golf. He does this in a number of ways, through things like fitness and mobility, having fun while practicing, swinging from your non-preferred side, and many others.

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