146: The Golfer’s Guide to Hydration

Golf is hard.  And there are a lot of components that contribute to making it difficult.  Typically, in order to improve, we resort to working on our technique, getting in better shape, fighting off nagging injuries, or other methods that often take a long time and a lot of work.  But there is a secret weapon that can have an immediate impact on your game and prevent you from breaking down at the end of your round. This week on the podcast I am talking all about hydration for golf and why it might be one of the most important, but overlooked components that could change your game. My recent trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama allowed me to play a couple of rounds of golf in the hot, humid Gulf weather.  This got me thinking about staying hydrated on the course and wondering about some of the physiology of what is actually going on when we sweat and how it affects our performance. So in this episode, I break down the basics of hydration/dehydration by looking at: What is actually happening in the body The main substances and chemicals that contribute What dehydration can mean for your golf game Share some of the performance products that I use/recommend Give you 7 tips for fighting dehydration to keep you from giving up sloppy strokes Below is the outline of notes for the show, including links to any resources mentioned during the show and other online articles/studies that were used to gather information. The Golfer’s Guide to Hydration (Outline) The body needs water for survival. (If water is the gas, electrolytes are the motor oil). It delivers good stuff like oxygen, nutrients, and hormones while removing wastes and other junk. Regulates body and cellular temps Definitions: Hydration: the condition of having adequate fluid in the tissues of the body Dehydration: an abnormal depletion of body fluids (the body needs more fluids than are present or being input to function normally) What’s normal hydration? Body’s water % (can only really measure with a body fat scale using bioelectric impedence analysis, which sends electrical signals through the body) Men 50-65% Women 45-60% Urine: light

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145: Become a better ball striker with Adam Young

I’m super excited to bring Adam Young back on the show this week.  Adam has taught golf all over the world, has a best-selling book The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers, and now has created an online training course to help golfers all over the world become better ball strikers in The Strike Plan.

In this interview, Adam helps us understand some of the basic, yet often misunderstood, priorities when it comes to hitting the ball better and more consistently.  He also shares some of the strategies that they have been implementing with students to practice much more effectively.

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144: Adam Stevenson: The Mind. The Body. The Golf Swing.

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Adam Stevenson. Adam is a PGA Professional and TPI Certified Fitness and Medical Coach. He has a focus on assessing what a golfer’s body is capable of doing so that together with the golfer’s interest, he can help them find the safest and most effective way possible to achieve their goals of improving their game and their lives. He’s passionate about learning and has an ever growing library. He’s constantly attending educational seminars, workshops and pretty much anything that he feels can help cure his curiosity. Adam’s second passion is coaching and sharing his knowledge with others. Adam was also on the podcast a while back to talk about off-season preparation in episode 19. Adam Stevenson’s Background Adam is the premier golf instructor in Denmark (evn though he’s Canadian ;-). Adam enjoys working with golfers of all ages and levels of expertise, and his approach is to look at every golfer as an individual to try to help them achieve their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Adam is the Author of the “Golfers Handbook: Save your golf game and your life”, and his new book “My Mind Body Golf” Adam is also a public speaker, doing workshops and lectures introducing concepts of athletic movement for golfers of all ages and levels of expertise. Highlights from this Episode Some of the biggest things that hold people back, from a mental perspective. Adam believes that a lot of it has to do with ‘self-image’, and how golfers view themselves in relation to their expectations. The importance of breathing when it comes to golf. Having a proper breathing practice can help golfers become more mindful, concentrate better, and remove distractions. We talk about a few tips that anyone can incorporate to help their breathing practice. How to deal with emotions when playing golf. A lot of it all comes down to mindfulness, and not letting the ups and downs of the game get to you. How Adam identifies limitations and flaws in a golfer’s game, and how he approaches fixing them. It often depends on the specific limitation, but Adam explains how seemingly tiny

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143: Kelly Starrett: Can your body handle your golf swing?

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Kelly Starrett. Kelly is someone I’ve been wanting to have on the show since day one. He is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and founder of Mobility WOD, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

Kelly’s clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world record-holding Olympic Lifting and Power athletes, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes. He truly is one of the masters in his field.

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142: How to Get Results by Getting Ruthless with your Training. -Dean Somerset

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Dean Somerset.Dean is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer in Edmonton, Canada. He works with a wide range of clients, from Paralympic champions to surgical recovery patients, and everyone in between. He has lectured around the world to other trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors on topics devoted to improving mobility, strength, and function.

Dean takes the approach that training is easiest once you know where to start.  He is the creator of Ruthless Mobility and Co-creator of The Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint with well-known strength coach Tony Gentilcore.

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141: Take control of your game by taking control of your SELF. -Katherine Roberts

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Katherine Roberts. Katherine has been on the show before, on episode 58.

For over 15 years, Katherine has been a leader and an innovator in the world of golf fitness. Her unique and highly effective approach blends yoga, science, and proprietary golf-specific conditioning strategies into one powerful methodology – Yoga For Golfers (YFG). YFG harnesses and integrates the power of the body with the power of the mind to increase and enhance performance, enabling golfers at all levels to play better, play stronger, and play longer.

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140: Nutrition: You don’t have to like it. Just Do it. -Tony Soaib

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Tony Soaib. Tony is one of the smartest people I know, and one of the leading experts on sports nutrition. I personally have learnt most of what I know about strength, conditioning and nutrition from Tony and he remains to this day a constant source of inspiration and information.

Tony has the uncanny ability to be able to read something once and retain the information. He is also a great communicator, and straight shooter. You may not have heard Tony’s name around, only because he is one of the most modest, low-key people around, despite his impressive background and knowledge.

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139: Fitness Shouldn’t Be So Complicated!

Recently, I asked myself a few pretty important questions, like . . .

“What is the point of all of this golf fitness stuff?”

“Why does the 18STRONG Podcast even exist?”

“Why do you listen in every week?”

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138: Fulfilling the Golfer’s Need for Speed with SuperSpeed Golf

Today I am very excited to announce our guests, Kyle and Mike from SuperSpeed Golf. We first had them on the show for episode 64 to talk about the benefits of “overspeed training,” and to this day that is still the #1 downloaded episode on the 18Strong Podcast!

For those who don’t know, SuperSpeed Golf is a golf training system aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of a player’s swing. The method is scientifically proven and tested and is one of the most widely used training methods for golfers across all skill levels.

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137: Finding a Fitness Plan that Works for You with Andrew Hannon

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Andrew Hannon. Andrew is a personal trainer and fitness professional and golf fitness instructor with Premier Fitness Systems. Andrew is a huge proponent of golf fitness and performance and believes that the general public can benefit from the techniques and concepts of golf fitness training through mobility, flexibility, and dynamic movement, while still combining traditional strength and athletic movements. Andrew’s view on health and fitness is not necessarily about looking ripped or toned year round with high-intensity workouts, but about a lifestyle change through active habits, maintainable nutritional choices, and a healthy mindset of self-worth. Andrew loves working with all types of people and enjoys creating valuable interpersonal relationships that can help clients exceed their goals. He enjoys learning about his clients to ensure a fun, motivational and fulfilling workout. Andrew Hannon’s Background Andrew started as an athlete in a small town in Kansas where he participated in three sports in high school. His sports career continued at Baker University where he played baseball and basketball. During that time Andrew began to find his true passion for fitness and performance. While majoring in Exercise Science his knowledge on fitness and health continued to grow. Andrew is a TPI certified trainer and works with golfers of all levels from amateur, recreational, professional, as well as other individuals simply looking to move better and get stronger. Highlights from this Episode Andrew shares his background growing up as a baseball and basketball player ans how he ended up getting into the fitness business, eventually making his way to Arizona to specialize working with golfers. We talk about some of the bigger pieces a golfer needs to pay attention to when thinking about golf fitness and mobility. Andrew looks at three main things whenever he starts consulting with a new client: how well they hinge, their pelvis, and what they do with their feet. How to get clients to ‘buy in’ to working on certain movements that are really important to work on, but may not be quite as exciting as jumping right into lifting heavy weights. Why people have such a resistance to warming

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