134: Let’s Do This! with Michael Breed

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Michael Breed.  Michael is one of the biggest personalities in the world of golf today!  Between his primetime show on the Golf Channel (The Golf Fix), and his Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio show (A New Breed of Golf), Michael is one of the most influential instructors in the world, helping millions of people with their game.

Being that this is Masters week, I asked Michael to share some of his memories from his days as an Assitant Pro at Augusta National and his time working at the Masters Tournament.  Along with his stories, Michael shares some incredible advice on how he got to where he is and how others listening to the show can do the same with a few simple principles that he has employed over his lifetime in golf.

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133: Satisfying Your Golf Craving in Minutes with Andy Johnson

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Andy Johnson. Andy is the founder and editor of online golf blog, the Fried Egg.

After playing competitively on the amateur circuit for years, he found himself working a 9-5 job. His time for golf and keeping up to date with golf news started disappearing quickly.

Andy started the fried egg in December 2015 with the goal of creating an easier way for golf fans to stay up to date with the golf world. The newsletter, sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is designed to give you all of the yolk and none of the shell leaving you feeling like a PGA Tour insider in just a couple of minutes.

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132: To Be or Not to be “Golfish” with Scott Shepard

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Scott Shepard. Scott is the founder of Driven Golf Performance and Plane Performance Fitness-Wellness. Both companies are dedicated to Health and Performance Improvement through Customized Fitness and Rehabilitation Programs.

There is a very big discussion going on in the world of golf and fitness these days about whether golfers should be lifting and training the way that guys like Rory and Jason Day are.  But amongst those in the “golf fitness” world, there is also a debate on whether that training should or shouldn’t be “golfish” in nature. (Golfish = Looking like a golf movement).

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131: The Golfer’s Guide to Soft Tissue Mobility with Kevin Hendry

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Kevin Hendry. Kevin is a partner and director of education at RAD Roller – a set of massage tools that provide controlled, acute point release, move waste materials out of your soft tissue and encourage proper spinal alignment.

You will not find anyone more abreast of the research regarding topics such as mobility, myofascial release, pain and performance and this translates into RAD Roller’s innovative methods. When Kevin isn’t spending time changing the way self-myofascial release is performed in gyms, locker rooms, and rehab settings, he works as a strength coach and manual osteopath in Vancouver, Canada.

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130: Simple Fundamentals for Success with Chris Finn

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Chris Finn. Chris is a licensed physical therapist and the founder of Par4Success, a premeir golf performance facility in Raliegh North Carolina.  Chris’ passion for helping his athletes, clients, and just people, in general, is the driving force behind everything he does.  After struggling through a major medical event not too long ago, while building his new go   He is regarded as the premier Golf Fitness, Performance & Medical Expert in North Carolina.

After struggling through a major medical event not too long ago, while building his new golf performance company, Chris has a new found outlook on his mission to not only help the golfer, but also other entrepreneurs like him self in the golf fitness world.   He is regarded as the premier Golf Fitness, Performance & Medical Expert in North Carolina.

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129: Inside the Ropes with Webb Simpson

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, PGATour golfer and Major Champion, Webb Simpson.  Webb is most known for his 2012 US Open win at the Olympic Club (as well as his post-round interview that was infiltrated by the “Birdman!”).

Webb has had an incredible career to date with 4 wins, 6 finishes for 2nd place and 47 “top 10” finishes as of this interview with his most recent being the loss in a playoff at the 2017 Waste Management Open to returning winner, Hideki Matsuyama.

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128: The incredible Power of Focus with Henry Boulton

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Henry Boulton. Henry is one of the creators and designers of FocusBand – a wearable brain training headband that measures your brain activity.

Usually, the starting point for training has been technique. You start with technique, work on fitness and then finish with mind training. Henry takes the point of view, though, that you should be training the mind first. Get your mind right, and everything will get better together.

In this interview, we talk about how Henry developed the FocusBand with his father Graham, and how it is helping golfers play better golf.

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127: Creating Ownership of Your Golf Life Performance with Jordan Jeske

Today I am very excited to announce our guest. My good friend, Jordan Jeske.

Jordan is a performance coach specializing in Golf Fitness through the Titleist Performance Institute, bringing the best in golf health and fitness to Edmonton and around the world.

Young or old, Jordan believes in getting his athletes moving better so they can feel and perform better on and off the course. He is passionate about getting his athletes to be the best version of themselves.

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126: How to Achieve Anything with a Lot of Hustle with Anthony Trucks

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Anthony “Truck Stop” Trucks. Anthony is a former NFL player, gym owner, father, and motivational speaker. He grew up facing adversity at every turn, being in foster care, suffering abuse, losing his adoptive mother to MS, failing in school, and the list goes on.

Anthony decided that he wasn’t going to be hindered by his upbringing, and took things into his own hands through grit and hard work. He has since played in the NFL, owned a successful gym, become a father of three, and is an international speaker on motivation.

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125: Successes, Struggles, and Lessons Learned on Tour with Scott Stallings

Today we have an extra special treat for you. Our guest today is none other than Scott Stallings, three-time PGA tour winner.

Scott first started playing golf when he was young, and at the age of 12 he gave up all other sports to focus on golf. He was inspired by Tiger Woods to ultimately take up the sport professionally.

After missing his PGA Tour card by a single stroke at Q-School in 2009, Scott persisted through Q-School in 2010 and earned his PGA card by finishing T-11.  He eventually went on to win the Greenbrier Classic – his first PGA Tour victory. Since then he has won two more PGA events, The True South Classic 2012, and the Farmers Insurance Open in 2014.

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