105: Rising to the Top of Golf’s Governing Body with Tom O’Toole Jr.

This week I had the chance to sit down with Tom O’Toole Jr., fellow St. Louisan and the former president of the Unites Stages Golf Association (USGA).

As the head of an organization like the USGA, there are a lot of responsibilities and a lot of decisions that have to be made.  In many cases, the decision will likely find some in favor, and some not.  As Tom shares with us, it’s just part of the territory for any governing institution, and the USGA is no exception.

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104: Writing the Story of the Modern Golfer with Ron Kaspriske

This week I’m joined by one of the pioneers in the world of golf fitness.  Ron Kaspriske.  No, Ron doesn’t personally train PGA Tour players, analyze or fix their swings, or help them with their mental game.  But when it comes making golfers aware of their health, their fitness, and how it relates to their golf game, there may not be a guy that has reached more people.

Ron is the Senior Fitness Editor for Golf Digest and has been with the magazine since 2000.  He has been covering fitness in golf almost since the beginning, in the year 2000, right around the time when people were starting to notice that a guy named Tiger Woods was a doing more than just hitting balls on the range.

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103: How to train properly for more power and endurance with Mike Subach

This week, our guest is once again, Mike Subach. Just last week I received an email from a golf coach in Ohio with a great question (you can see a portion of the email below).  He had listened to a previous episode of the podcast on training for endurance on the golf course with special guest Jeremy Crowe.

I realize this can be a very difficult topic to navigate.  So I called up one of the guys that I know is at the top of the food chain when it comes to conditioning, especially for golf, Mike Subach.  You may have heard Mike on a recent episode or seen him  in several videos for us here at 18STRONG.

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102: Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing with Joey D

I’m not sure there is a more recognizable face in the world of golf fitness than Joey D (his full last name is Diovisalvi, but we all know him as Coach “Joey D”).  You’ve probably seen him on the golf channel, in Golf Digest, and depending on how long you’ve been a golf fan, you might even recognize him from his days on the bag (caddying, that is) with Vijay Singh, when we was on a winning train in the early 2000’s.

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101: Deflame your diet, body, and mind with Dr. David Seaman

Dr. David Seaman from Deflame.com joins us this week to talk about what you’re putting in your body and how it effects you.  David is an expert in in nutrition and his work specifically focuses on inflammation in the body.

From the time he was earning his degrees in Chiropractic and Bio/Nutrition, David has been fascinated with the impact that diet has on pain, inflammation and disease in the body.  Through his practice and research he has discover simple strategies revolving around eating “deflaming” foods to stop acute and chronic inflammatory responses in the body.

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100: Fitness and Golf From my Perspective: Greg Rose

Greg Rose, founder of TPI joins me today for our 100th episode! There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about whether the benefits of strength training outweigh the risk for golfers at the highest level.  When you look at images of guys like Rory lifting 200+ pounds in his workouts and the physical issues Tiger Woods has had over the last 5 years, it’s understandable that from the outsiders view, it’s worth questioning.

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99: The Six Key Positions to Playing Your Best Golf with Nick Clearwater

Nick Clearwater, the Senior Director of Teaching Quality at GolfTEC, and one of the coolest guys I know in the golf world, returns to the show this week to discuss something BIG that could absolutely change your game!

With GolfTEC being the worlds largest collector of data on the golf swing over the past 20 years, they have taken some of that data and come up with direct correlations to show you 6 things that the best golfers in the world do compared to the high handicapper.  In this episode, Nick is going to break down each of these movements, so you can start changing your game today!

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98: The 5 Pillars of Success with Frank Nash

Frank Nash runs one of the most successful training facilities around.  His 5,000 square foot facility in Worcester, MA, Frank Nash Training Systems, is especially known, not just for the successes that the clients achieve, but for the sense of community and family that has bee created there!

If you don’t know Frank, you should check out his website, ByFrankNash.com, and you’ll soon figure out Frank is not your average fitness guy!  He’s an artist, a speaker, a teacher, and much more!  And today, Frank shares with us what his team calls the 5 Pillars of Success.

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97: Working with Legends at the Top of the Rock with Eric Smith

Today, Eric Smith, Head PGA Professional at the Top of the Rock property in Branson, MO joins us to share his stories, experiences and insights into his time working at what is becoming one of the hottest golf destinations in the country.  Bass Pro Shop founder Johnny Morris has created one of the most unique golf and resort locations in the world.

With a Championship 18 and 9-hole course (and another 18 and 12 hole course on the way), designed by legends including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Ben Crenshaw, Top of the Rock and Bass Pro Legends of Golf Champions Tour event have become

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96: Changing golf with a BLAST of technology featuring Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley is one of the leading biomechanists in the world and has been innovating technology for golf for many years. Mike’s contributions have been helped create some of the best tools in golf (like the K-Vest) to analyze what the body is doing during the golf swing. Most recently his talents have been focused on creating one of the most advanced sensors to track exactly what your club is doing and being able to link that data directly to each swing via motion capture. This creation is now known as BLAST Motion.

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