The Lost Art of Putting | Gary Nicol & Karl Morris [#234]

Today I am especially excited to have on our special guests, authors of the fantastic book The Lost Art of Putting, Gary Nicol and Karl Morris.

When I first read the book “The Lost Art of Putting,” it was completely different than what I imagined a book on putting would be.  As you would imagine, I anticipated the text would entail an excessive amount of technical conversation on putting, styles, techniques, etc. however, it is refreshingly the exact opposite of what I expected.

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Fighting the War on Double Bogeys | Jon Sherman – Practical Golf [#233]

Jon Sherman is the founder of Practical-Golf.com, a website that is dedicated to helping you play and make better decisions out on the course. Jon has spent the last 20+ years researching and learning about the game and joins us today to talk not so much on technique, but the mental, strategic side of golf as well as technology and equipment that he utilizes out on the green to help him play his best game each time.

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The New Era of Minimal Golf | Sam Goulden [#232]

This week we are talking with Sam Goulden from Sam Goulden Golf, but more recently he started a new company called MNML golf which we are going to dig into and will highlight the new bag and technology he has come up with and the Kickstarter campaign he has going for it. Sam has been all over the nation traveling, teaching golf, playing golf, and connects with so many different people on spreading the MNML golf lifestyle; the simplicity of the game itself and getting people to understand how they can play better through minimal tweaks and embracing the simplicity.

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Stronger is Better | John Paul Guidry [#231]

Today I am especially excited to bring back on our special guest, JP Guidry, physical therapist and strength coach.

In today’s conversation, we are talking all about strength and strength training: How much do you need as a golfer? Is there a cap we should be worried about? Is the strength training golfers are doing now hindering their game and causing injury, or rather protecting them from injury and to be more resilient?

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Winning on the PGA Tour | Adam Long [#230]

Once again, we have our buddy Adam Long, PGA tour Player AND Winner, joining us on this week’s show. You might remember that we had Adam on this past September on Episode 207  just after he secured his PGA Tour Card from finishing top 25 in the Web.com tour.

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Driver Swings Faster than the Speed of Sound | Mach 3 Golf Speed Training [#226]

Today I am especially excited to bring on our special guests, Jeff Young and Ken Loewen from Mach 3 Speed Training.

“Am I ever going to be able to swing the club faster?” I think it’s a natural question that we all ask ourselves from time to time in the pursuit of peak golf fitness and performance, and especially in today’s game of golf distance is king so club-head speed can make or break your rounds. . .

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