Ed Mylett: MAXOUT Your Game. MAXOUT Your Life [#216]

Today I am especially excited to bring on our special guest, Ed Mylett.

This week may be the most excited I’ve ever been to have a conversation and to share it with you, the 18Strong Community. If you have never heard of Ed Mylett, you are in for a treat and a master class on success today.

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215: Let the Journey Begin! | Hayden Buckley (Professional Golfer)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play in your very first PGA event, with the nerves, the grandstands, the crowds, well, today we’re talking with Hayden Buckley, who recently had a chance to play at his first PGA tour event.

Hayden, a newly turned professional golfer, is just finishing up his degree at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), received asponsors exemption at the Sanderson Farms Invitational.  And, not only did he get in the event, but  Hayden was able to battle through Thursday and Friday to make the cut in his very first PGA appearance.

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214: Stew Hagestad | Setting Big Goals and Why Playing Pro Isn’t His

If you’re looking for insights into all of the pieces you need to play better, this episode with Stewart Hagestad, one of the worlds top amateur golfers is a can’t-miss interview.

You may recognize our guest’s name from Gold Digest, or the many mentions and appearances on the Golf Channel.  While many golfers all over the world envy Stew’s game and wonder why on earth he doesn’t want to take his talent to the PGA Tour, Stew has big plans both on and of the course and is adamant that he will remain an amateur golfer for life.

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213: Building a Team isn’t Just for the Pros | Bradley Borne

Today I am especially excited to bring on our special guest, Bradley Borne.

Picture this: Members only, indoor club in the middle of Manhattan that specializes in golf performance. This place is too good to be true, right? Wrong! Today we are talking to Bradley Borne from Golf & Body NYC.

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212: Robert Yang | Your Guide to Fueling Better Golf

This week we are talking all about nutrition specifically for you, the golfer, with Robert Yang.

Rob is a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning specialist who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Rob was on the 18Strong Podcast back on episode 42 and we wanted to bring him back to talk about his new book “Hole-in-One Nutrition.”

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211: Is your training slowing your swing speed? | Chris Finn

Chris Finn owns and operates Par4Success, an incredible golf, and fitness business with 2 locations in North Carolina.  In today’s episode, Chris shares with us the results from an ongoing study he has been conducting with his clients over the past few years.  Chris has been documenting the assessments and training programs of his clients (from juniors to tour pro’s) to determine the effects that they had on specific golf parameters. Whether you are a regular golfer or fitness professional, you’re definitely going to take away from valuable info from his research.

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210: [REPLAY] 1 Minute Workout (originally episode 162)

This week we are replaying an episode from last year that highlighted the benefits of interval training and covered the contents of the best selling book by Dr. Martin Gibala, The One Minute Workout. 

As many of you have seen on My Instagram Page, this month I am doing the #1-minutemaxou challenge.  I have committed to doing at least 1 minute of a maximal effort exercise each and every day for 30 days (and I have to post proof to instagram!).

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209: 5 Things Really Good Golfers Do

So today I want to talk about what I’ve learned and the constant trends I’ve seen from our professional guests on the show. I specifically titled this “5 Things Really Good Golfers Do” because I don’t want to talk about the exceptional, elite athlete, or the professional golfer. I’m talking about you and the golfers you play with that just seem to have it figured out: the really good golfer at your club, on your golf trips, etc. What is it that they are doing that you can learn from to drastically and realistically escalate your game.

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208: Chris Thompson | Becoming a PGA Tour Rookie at Age 42

Today I am especially excited to bring on our special guest, and brand new PGA Tour Cardholder, Chris Thompson.

As the 2017-2018 PGA Tour and Web.com season wrap up, there seem to be plenty of exciting recaps and developments to cover. Last week we talked to Adam Long, one of the Web.com “Top 25” Money list earners and golfer moving on to the PGA Tour. I’m excited to say that this week we have another upcoming rookie on the PGA Tour, Chris Thompson.

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207: Adam Long | Securing a Spot on the PGA Tour

This week we’re talking to my buddy, Adam Long, who is recently one of the top 25 money-earners on the Web.com Tour in the year 2017-2018, and is therefor PGA Tour bound in 2018-2019.

I can honestly say this is an episode I’ve been looking forward to doing for the last couple years. I first met Adam when we had him on the show (Episode 60) and since then have been working with him remotely with programs for him to continue to do on the road. I’m so excited to see how far he has come and where he is going.

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