169: Golf Fitness Pros to Avoid

golf fitness pro

This past week Golf Digest put out its List of the 50 Best Golf Fitness Pros in America.  I thought we could have a little fun while at the same time prevent you from making a mistake... More

168: 7 Ways to Fix Your Body.

fix your body

I have yet to meet anyone, especially a golfer that doesn’t have some sort of lingering injury, imbalances in strength, lack of mobility, or some other issue going on that is in one way or another limiting... More

165: Chip Brewer | The New Era of Callaway

chip brewer

Oliver “Chip” Brewer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Callaway Golf Company, is a proven leader in the golf industry where he has held executive positions since 1998. Brewer assumed his leadership of Callaway Golf on March... More

164: Dr. Harry Sese: Taking responsibility for your performance.

harry sese

Better known as “The Golfing Doc”, Dr. Harry Sese, a chiropractic sports physician and performance coach specializing in injury rehabilitation and prevention, biomechanics and performance conditioning, joins us today to talk about how he approaches working with... More

163: Erik Anders Lang: Adventures in Golf

erik anders lang

Erik Anders Lang is a director and filmmaker that accidentally ended up finding the niche of creating content in the golf world, and like so many of us, he has developed a complete passion and enjoyment in... More

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