180: Mark Williamson | The Golf Yogi

golf yogi

Former professional golfer, Mark Williamson, is now better known as The Golf Yogi. After overcoming his initial resistance to his wife’s request to join her in at a yoga class, once he experienced it, he was hooked.... More

179: Rene Cammarata | Junior Golfers or Junior Athletes?

rene cammarata

Do junior golfers need to be more athletic?  Rene Cammarata, one of the premier coaches working with Junior golfers in Pennsylvania, believes they absolutely do. With more than twenty years of experience as a strength & conditioning coach,... More

177: Kolby Tullier | Are You Functionally Strong?

kolby tullier

Kolby Tullier’s talent helps him identify the problem by simply watching a little bit of video. Whether he’s evaluating the way a golfer balances during a swing, or the way a football player cuts left while running... More

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